Paris Blues

Paris Blues

Ram Bowen and Eddie Cook are two expatriate jazz musicians living in Paris where, unlike America at the time, Jazz musicians are celebrated and racism is a non-issue. When they meet and fall in love with two young American girls, Lillian and Connie, who are vacationing in France, Ram and Eddie must decide whether they should move back to America with them, or stay in Paris for the freedom it allows them. Ram, who wants to be a serious composer, finds Paris more exciting than America and is reluctant to give up his music for a relationship, and Eddie wants to stay for the city's more tolerant racial atmosphere.

The film sets in a city where is heaven for the black to escape the racism. Ram Bowen is black musician takes part in a jazz group with a white musician. One day, They fall in love with two beautiful tourists who have a holiday in the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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