Paris by Night

Paris by Night

Clara Bell is a busy Euro MP with a husband and child at home and a high powered career - but on a trip to Paris her ordered existence is overturned by a murder and a chance encounter.

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Paris by Night torrent reviews

Joshua S (au) wrote: Very cute and very French. Ending was a bit flat for American audiences, but still overall very charming.

Anne C (us) wrote: The first few scenes made me feel skeptical about Hal Hartley pulling off a sequel, but his style and nuanced characters always draw me in.

Dann M (de) wrote: The final chapter of the Darkman trilogy, Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, is a generic action film that's full of clichs and one-dimensional characters. When Dr. Peyton Westlake teams up with another scientist to reverse his nerve damage he begins to hope that he could be made normal again, but it turns out to be a trap by a drug lord who's looking to harness his powers. Jeff Fahey and Darlanne Fluegel both are pretty good as cartoonish villains, and future Voyager star Roxann Dawson gives a strong performance that helps to bring some emotional weight to the story. But the plot is overly complicated and the characters aren't developed very well. The directing too is incredibly bad; featuring bizarre dream sequences and poorly staged action scenes. Darkman III: Die Darkman Die is a disappointing film that does nothing new or interesting with the character.

Will D (jp) wrote: Richard Clouse went into work one day and made Enter The Dragon. 12 years later he went into the toilet and made Gymkata.

Marcos L (gb) wrote: Cuando Al Pacino no aceptaba bodrios...

Corey B (br) wrote: Zemeckis' first film is a fun, fast paced, manic look at Beatlemania from multiple character perspectives. Some of the stories are better than others, and the movie can come across as shrill sometimes (there's only so many shots of girls screaming one person can take), but Zemeckis keeps everything lively, and he and Bob Gale's script has a lot of fun little touches.