Paris Holiday

Paris Holiday

Comedian Bob Hunter is aided by his French counterpart Fernydel and two beautiful blondes when he is targeted for death by a powerful European counterfeiting ring.

Comedian Bob Hunter is aided by his French counterpart Fernydel and two beautiful blondes when he is targeted for death by a powerful European counterfeiting ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan R (us) wrote: This was an entertaining movie, but it was nothing special. It had it's laughs here and their, but for the most part it was a cheesy Disney movie that shows a "G" rated version of college life.

Andrew S (gb) wrote: Quite a strong and foreboding future lies ahead as this informative documentary outlines not only for the United States, but for its key trading partners as well with this excessive spending of capital and delayed debt collection being passed on to the younger generation. A must watch for those interested in the Global Political Economy. Finance or USA in general

Johannes I (de) wrote: A realistic movie. ^_^

Randy P (br) wrote: how are there so many bad romantic comedies?This is not the worst rom-com. But it's certainly not the best. Notably better rom-com, Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Ricardo R (gb) wrote: Demasiado previsible

Ben M (gb) wrote: its not the best but its not the worst

Leslie R (ag) wrote: Hi, This movie was funny because this guys sits in front of this girl house for pretty much the whole summer to try to win her heart. Just about all of his life he like his neighbor across the street even his grandfather sees that. His grandfather now tells him a story about his great grandfather liking a girl (in which looks totally like this Erica girl now) so his great grandfather did is sit in front of her house day and night (in which was funny because how did he bathe or eat now) so it gets in his grandson head to might as well do that (guess he didn't have much else to do on his last summer before college) so he sits out in front of her house. All the while he see stuff his neighbors do everyday and plus dealing with Erica boyfriend (in which was a jerk so you pretty much rooting for Peter now). It was funny on what he did for entertainment. His dad wasn't too thrill he was doing this too but he dad did understand it toward the end on why he did it. This movie was funny but cute (I like Peter grandfather the most he sort of stole the movie a bit).

Lilo C (ag) wrote: Naat Bad Naat Bad. its weird, when it comes to Horror Stuff, the choice of Folks gets weirder everyday. Oh boy! The More Blood the More Fun. I dont see any Point in dat, why not buy loddz offa fake blood and showcase it in yo living Room? IF YO HAVE ONE! oR uNder yo Bed, over yo Pillow or how abt over yo Bed?

Lori B (gb) wrote: Cool biopic, great cinematography, interesting juxtaposition between black and white and color. I wish I was familiar with Mishima's work so I could better contextualize the film, but even with zero prior knowledge, I found the film to be very engaging.

Patrick S (br) wrote: who knew Franco Nero would be the greatest white 'ninja' ever!

Andres R (au) wrote: A marvelous tale of betrayal and vengeance. Everything unravels phenomenally, making this an excellent gradual masterpiece.

Omar D (jp) wrote: One of the best drama's I have ever seen!

Larry S (gb) wrote: Love the entire cast. Great story. Blythe Danner is wonderful. And then you have Sam Elliott. Recommened this very hightly.

Melanie Y (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite animated movies. It is just a great deal of FUN!

Tatsuhito K (kr) wrote: This is a matter of individual's taste. I think it is efficiently done and certainly gives us an insight on what happens to inmates and how things work in prisons. It's just that hard-hitting prison drama is not one of my favorite genre. Simple as that; there's a lot of cursing and yelling and punching and people getting hurt, and that's just not my thing. I do love the central performances; Jack O'Connell gives an electrifying performance and Ben Mendelsohn is ferocious as his dad. Starred Up is uneven and often melodramatic, but it's never less compelling.