Paris Lockdown

Paris Lockdown

A Parisian criminal gang fall apart after challenges to the gang's leader lessen his influence.

A Parisian criminal gang fall apart after challenges to the gang's leader lessen his influence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim K (fr) wrote: Dull but raw. Well, it was well lit, anyway.

Edith N (it) wrote: The Sin of Pride My mother is Catholic. I was raised Catholic myself. This means, in practical terms, that my mother expects certain things of me and sometimes literally does not believe that they are otherwise. I don't know if it's why I don't always try to convince her otherwise; it has generally seemed to me to be easier not to say anything and let her believe what she wants if her belief won't change how I live my life anyway. I think this is one of the reasons I liked this film more than the average. Yes, it's painful in some ways, but I also understood it better. Mom knew pretty quickly that she didn't have a perfect family; if you include her siblings, she knew it well before I was born, much less by the time my own issues first became apparent. However, no one is going to nominate my mother as having a perfect Catholic family any time soon, and I'm sure she knows that much, at least. Eileen Cleary (Kathleen Turner), however, is even better at ignoring her family's failings than my mother. What's more, Eileen is one of those people who does everything around the church. She drives for Meals on Wheels. She goes to mass every day, even Confession. Not only does she go to mass, she serves at mass. She does so much, in fact, that Monsignor Murphy (Richard Chamberlain) nominates her for Catholic Woman of the Year. Sister Joan (Rebecca Wackler), however, nominates Agnes Dunn (Sharon Lawrence), more vocally pious but less actually helpful. Eileen and Agnes have been in competition their whole lives. This time, it is implied that the decision will come down to how good their families are as well. Unfortunately, Eileen's husband, Frank (Michael McGrady), is a recovering alcoholic. Her son, Frank, Jr. (Jason Ritter), "had" to marry his now-wife, and he is leaving her and the kids for a cosmetologist. And "worst" of all, her daughter, Shannon (Emily Deschanel), is a pregnant lesbian about to marry her girlfriend. I'm torn between amusement and sorrow that Shannon is five months pregnant and hasn't told her family about either the baby or her soon-to-be-wife, Angela (Angelique Cabral). She was waiting for the right time, and that right time was taking its own sweet time in coming. As it is so often wont to do, of course. Angela's family knows and supports her, being rather more American Catholic than Eileen is. (American Catholics are more likely than Catholics elsewhere to be socially liberal.) However, I also believe that Angela already knew that about them before she told them, which made the whole thing easier. Shannon knew how her mother would react--I was at least as pregnant as she with my daughter when I told my mother, and that only because she was coming up to visit me and would figure it out whether I told her or not--and so basically chose not to tell her. Her mother's beliefs taught that she was wrong, and her mother didn't bother to question them even after it was obvious that it was hurting her daughter. Frank, Jr., seems rather more of an unpleasant character all the way 'round, to be honest, though I wonder how much of that is his displeasure at having been trapped in a marriage he didn't want. The implication I got was that he and his wife had sex once. She got pregnant. He married her because he'd been taught that he had no other options. Doubtless she married him for the same reason. Their happiness was, of course, never part of it, any more than Eileen worried about her own happiness when deciding to stay with a drunken husband. I suppose the reason I liked Shannon so much was that she didn't let what other people told her was right prevent her from doing what she thought was right; Frank, Jr., couldn't yet figure out how to do that. That's enough to make pretty much anyone be unpleasant, especially when he sees his mother getting an award for the whole thing. She's being honoured for what he sees as ruining his life. I'll admit I rather dislike that the nun is the one looking for vocal piety without worrying about good acts. Not only is it against Catholic dogma, the recent events in the Church have rather indicated that it's nuns who are more aware of that. And, yes, part of it is the joke of having now-openly gay Richard Chamberlain be an important voice for the parish. I get that; I really do. And there is something to be said that the unexpressed theme of the movie is that Catholic women willingly participate in their own oppression--the secret of Eileen's hysterectomy is supposed to be a surprise, but it rather wasn't. What she does is what's expected of her, but she is able to make her own decision when she absolutely has to. She is a good woman who has spent too much time listening to people who are more interested in vocal piety than in good works. While she is praised by some for her actions, it's also not surprising that others prefer Agnes Dunn.

Leon B (fr) wrote: Review:What a brilliant movie but I must admit, I missed a lot of the plot because the subtitles are going too fast. With that aside, the witty script and brilliant peformances from Chow Yun-Fat, (Master Huang) and Wen Jiang, (Pocky Zhang), made this crazy, unique, and definitely unpredictable ride, a joy to watch. When I heard that this movie had a western backdrop, I thought that it was going to be, more like a Cowboys & Indians type of storyline but once the movie gets going, it's a funny political comedy about a ruthless bandit who steals from the rich to give to the poor. The script is top class but it does get a bit complicated after a while, mainly because you have to concentrate on the annoying subtitles. The cinematography and costumes are authentic and the real governer, who wouldn't stop going on about losing his wife, cracked me up. The clever mind and coolness of Pocky Zhang is truly something to watch and the few action scenes were also impressive. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even though I lost the plot but it's definitely worth a watch, for its originality and crazy storyline. Enjoyable!Round-Up:When this movie was released in December 2010, it broke several box office records in China, and has received critical acclaim. It became the highest grossing domestic film until 2012, when it was beaten by Painted Skin: The Resurrection, which grossed $140million worldwide. The movie was directed by Wen Jiang, 53, who also played the leading character, so he really did give this movie his all. He also contributed his directing skills to New York, I Love You in 2008, which had a top cast, and he brought you Devil's on the Doorstep, The Sun Also Rises and Gone with the Bullets. This movie definitely has something for everybody but you have to be a fast reader to keep up with it.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $104millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their action/comedy/westerns starring Chow Yun-Fat, You Ge, Wen Jiang, Carina Lau and Jon Hu. 7/10

Lichung C (it) wrote: The author is not good at telling story; a good topic is wasted.

Jason M (ag) wrote: This was so boring I skipped through large sections of it.

Bree N (nl) wrote: I'm really not sure about this movie. There is SO much symbolism. Is it too much? I'm afraid I didn't understand the full picture. Is that just me or was it trying too hard? Weird.

Edward B (gb) wrote: Egoyan's small indie is about a man on vacation with his wife in Armenia. The two are having problems in their marriage, and the main character suspects his wife is flirting with their tour guide. Told through several scenes that use repetition, and through the perspective of a picture camera, this film can be quite pretentious and annoying at times, but its an extremely unique work, so I recommend it based on that.

Allan C (it) wrote: Rogery Avary, co-writer of "Pulp Fiction," followed up that success with dis feature debut as writer/director on this mixed bag of a film. The film tells the story of safecracker Eric Stoltz meeting up in Paris with an old friend he hasn't seen in 11 years, Jean-Hugues Anglade, who wants him to help him with a job. The bank job is unexpectedly the next day and like most crime pictures, things do not go as planning, particularly that Anglade has changed over the past 11 years into a dangerous drug addict nutcase. There's also a plot thread involving an escort who spends the night with Stolz when he first arrives in Paris, Julie Delpy, who unexpectedly shows up as a worker at the bank. There is kind of a "Before Sunrise" element to the Delpy/Stoltz storyline, which is one of the stronger parts of the film. Another strong part of the film is the drug induced first half of the film prior to the bank heist where Stolz and Anglade reconnect and Stolz slowly realized his old friend isn't so much the friend he remembers. The bank heist portion of the film is sadly the weaker half of the film. Avery lack the flair for directing action sequences his "Pulp Fiction" co-writer, Quentin Tarantino, brings to his films and the bank heist sequences, while it does involves some twists and turns, is still a pretty standard and nearly cliched affair, that is only seems to stand apart thanks to some bloody Tom Savini special effects. Another behind the scenes person worth mentioning is the tomandandy, who provided the score for the film in what was their first feature film. Overall it's not a terrible film, but I feel it had the potential be a whole lot better and could have stood alongside Tarantino's best crime pictures but is instead a big disappointment.

Yvette J (au) wrote: A treasure if you can relate to my era.

Phil H (fr) wrote: The first in the 'Class of' trilogy and a pretty different outlook over the other two as this film is actually more of a serious approach to the story. One teacher up against a gang of yobs within the school which starts off as mere issues but slowly develops into a life or death scenario as both the gang and the teacher press harder for retaliation.Compared to the other films this is a much darker affair which does get pretty tense as you really get behind Perry King's character to defeat the gang, you wanna see him beat them. Set in the present (at the time) so everything looks as it should unlike the sequels. The film does of course look really dated now mainly down to cars, hair styles and outfits but its still a great thriller with a really nice ensemble cast that all perform well.Van Patten as the psychopathic pretty boy leader is really good the way he switches from menacing greaser to a whimpering high school kid to trick the officials, McDowall fits this type of trashy low budget film perfectly and King really cranks up the suspense giving the film real edge.For all its silliness, increasing amounts of violence and lack of subtlety the film is probably quite accurate I think, it possibly does show what can and has happened in urban schools to some degree, the security guards etc...a reasonable prediction. Yes this film was a video nasty back in the day in the UK, one of those films that was thought to corrupt the young and innocent hehe I can see why somewhat. Looking back now though its a good fun revenge thriller which is so gloriously 80's and introduced us all to a young chubby Michael J. Fox.

Frederick v (fr) wrote: Uma explorao srie das habilidades de percepo espacial e sensorial desenvolvidas por telepatas. Um filme em preto e branco quase todo em silncio sobre um tema anormal.

F B (fr) wrote: Brilliant!!!! Absolutely loved this film.

WS W (ca) wrote: Freaky, messy & unorganized.

D c (de) wrote: One of the best movies of the 2000s. He is witty, charming, daring, and you get to be in on the joke. Fantastic film.

Bilal a (ru) wrote: No words - please speak to Billy