In Paris, the pharmacist Alice has been an obsessed Woody Allen fan since she was fifteen and has seen all his movies and talks to him alone in her room. When she meets Pierre in a night-club, she finds that he loves jazz and she believes he is her prince charming. But when Pierre sees Alice's sister Hélène, they immediately fall in love with each other and marry each other. Years later, Alice is a spinster that administrates the pharmacy that belonged to her father and believes that movies can heal many diseases. However her father insistently tries to find a husband for her. When the alarm technician Victor meets Alice, she does not see any future relationship with him. But one day, Victor brings Alice to meet Woody Allen in Paris and the director gives an advice to Alice. [Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

A romantic comedy centered on a Woody Allen-obsessed pharmacist (Taglioni) and her would-be lover (Bruel). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paris-Manhattan torrent reviews

Patti C (mx) wrote: Loved this movie about a poet/bus driver and the world he lives in in Paterson New Jersey. It's quintessential Jim Jarmush. The movement is in eyes, in moments, in small encounters. Each is perfect. I couldn't imagine anyone else in any part and I didn't want it to end.

Erika K (ag) wrote: A sweet story about male bonding. A..."dude flick"? :D

l i n d (ru) wrote: Seriously?! I couldn't take watching this movie. I watched five minutes, and I was already disgusted by it. Not worth watching. LAME!

Anthony A (nl) wrote: It was very meh. Just meh. Moving on.

Rachel R (nl) wrote: My absolute favorite movie, a must see for music lovers

Luke M (it) wrote: Funny and charming, Big Fat Liar is a fun adventure film.

Jason S (mx) wrote: Micheal Jackson sued the filmmakers for false advertising.

Steve G (es) wrote: I was pretty taken by it in theaters.

Chad C (ca) wrote: One of my FAV movies from the 90'sShame Stephen Baldwin turned out to be such an @ hole!Great film!

Andrew C (es) wrote: After watching 'Milk' (a great film in it's own right) it's interesting to see the story told with the real footage and interviews with people who were there. 'Milk' would end up covering most of the same territory, but the main difference with this doco is it covers more of the aftermath of Harvey's death and the lenient sentence his killer received.

David R (it) wrote: This movie is the essence of the 70's. There is great chemistry between Burt Reynolds and Sally Field, as well as many memorable supporting actors. With the movie being basically one long car chase, there isn't any space for a plot or any other 'sophisticated' artistic devices... and it doesn't matter.

Giorgos T (de) wrote: A magnificent, dark movie, one of the greatest jidaigeki films.

Scott R (fr) wrote: It has taken me over three years to finally see this movie and I am so glad that I finally did. Having lived in Grenada for two years I kept hearing stories about this fabled movie that was filmed there, and now I have an opinion about it.It covers the very controversial issue of race relations on a colonized island struggling for its independence. Mason is the land owner running his doomed campaign for office against the people's man Belafonte. It paints a beautiful picture of the island and what life is like there. There are also romantic relationships four couples and a murder subplot with John Williams playing the detective Colonel. The women were beautiful and enticing, the culture and people were also pleasant and the scenery and music were gorgeous. The film does not solve the problem, it just makes us realize what it is and how it plagues society. It does this in a very appealing manner.

I am A (ca) wrote: Type of horror I like, funny and engaging

Roberto20 C (fr) wrote: Batman vs Superman is a movie that does not have a good script and a movie that keeps feeding its expectation to the hour of the fight that ended up being a horrible and bland fight