Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas

A man wanders out of the desert not knowing who he is. His brother finds him, and helps to pull his memory back of the life he led before he walked out on his family and disappeared four years earlier.

After an absence of 4 years, Travis Henderson suddenly reappears in a deserted part of south Texas. His brother finds him, and together they return to L.A. to reunite Travis with his young son. Soon after, he and the boy set out to locate the mother of the child, who left shortly after he disappeared. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (nl) wrote: The effects are so-so but it's a great action movie and helps you forget the Sly Stallone abomination.

Rachel M (de) wrote: omg adam brody dancing!! cutest and funniest thing EVER!!

ralph k (ru) wrote: as bad as they get....

Eirin H (us) wrote: Help. Watching this made me embassased to be Norwegian.

Jenessa L (ru) wrote: I watched this movie because it is about my ancestors, the Slovaks. I am upset that this movie didn't get Best Foreign Film in 2003, there were so many great characters and the writing was fantastic. It was great to see how they lived, I feel more in touch with my heritage. My grandpa, who can speak Slovak has watched the movie 3 times now.

Shawn S (br) wrote: The makeup and practical visual effects are wonderful, the story is exhilarating, Guillermo del Toro's direction is excellent, and Ron Perlman is perfect.

Shinkiro I (br) wrote: Cool. Good Fighting. and Cool again.

Drago C (de) wrote: A middling horror story, high on the gore but low on the suspense and thrills Pet Sematary features a couple of interesting performances from the two main male actors (one of whom is the crabby judge from My Cousin Vinny) but not much more.

Kevin R (es) wrote: What do you do besides collect husbands?Tracy Lord is a beautiful heiress that is about to marry her second husband. Things are awkward when her ex-husband lives next door and is a heavy participant in the festivities. Things become even more complicated when handsome and persistent reporter Mike Connor arrives to report on the extravaganza. "That's an awful thing to say to anyone.""That's an awful thing to have to say."Charles Walters, director of Easter Parade, Lili, Walk Don't Run, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Dangerous When Wet, Please Don't Eat the Daises, and Go Naked in the World, delivers High Society. The storyline for this picture is fun and entertaining with some good musical numbers but doesn't take itself too seriously. The acting is awesome and the cast includes Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Celeste Holm, John Lund, and Sidney Blackmer."Where we headed?""The graveyard.""I'm not ready."This was recently added to Netflix with a couple other Sinatra films. This was very fun, entertaining, and a great display of how remarkable Sinatra's talents truly were, singing and acting. This isn't a perfect classic picture, but it is worth a viewing for fans of the genre."Isn't it time for your milk and arsenic?"Grade: B-

Nik M (gb) wrote: A fun family flick with some good comedy, entertaining performances, and enough of an undertone to accompany its depth of what life really is like with father.

Isaac P (au) wrote: Extremely violent and twisted but definitely exciting

Tim W (nl) wrote: some more of the stuff i saw at the film fest is in the db now.