Paris the Great Saga

Paris the Great Saga


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Walter M (gb) wrote: Zoe's cat brings her dead lizards every day which repulses her mother, Jeanne. If only she knew what he really gets up to at night when he goes for a walk. Because that is when the cat acts as accomplice for a second story burglar, Dino, who Jeanne in her job as a police superintendent is on the hunt for. But first and foremost in her mind is the fact that Costa who killed her husband is back in town and is planning a huge job. "A Cat in Paris" is a hand-drawn animated film that has more going for it than just its old fashioned charm. That's because it is deeper than your average animated film with a fast pace and even a couple of white knuckle moments. However, that same quick pace works against the film as it too conveniently puts Dino and Costa in the same general physical neighborhood which in such a large city as Paris is too large a coincidence to easily overlook. And of course I watched the French language version.

Wade H (ag) wrote: The visual and action work. It's the plot, dialogue and characters that don't. A visual ride with nothing between the ears that should have worked.

Robert H (br) wrote: Quirky and entertaining, just the way I like it.

Meghan S (kr) wrote: Has a couple good laughs, not anything that I would feel intrigued to watch if something else was on.

Aaron O (it) wrote: Hmm, why on earth leave dinosaurs behind a plastic sheet in the back of your truck? That has bad news all over it!

aaron s (br) wrote: Better than the 2nd movie, at least the plot was interesting. It was cheesy, campy, and overall silly.

Cameron H (jp) wrote: One of the few 80s movies that have stuck with me through the years. I have the DVD and every now and then, I break it out and watch a 'good' B movie.

Haydn W (de) wrote: A good little film with Lorre on top, creepy-ass form. Great dream sequence.

Lynn S (jp) wrote: Watching this recent Royal Shakespeare Company production.

Riley F (au) wrote: I'm sure this movie was awesome back in the day, and it still is, but the lack of character development leaves you wondering why you should bother caring whether or not these characters make it out. Also, the Warden was having a good setup to be the "Villain" of the film, I just with they would have fleshed him out more. Worth checking out, but only if you really like Clint Eastwood movies.

Drew M (gb) wrote: Sorry, not much here. Blah, blah, blah.

Brian S (it) wrote: Like the critic consensus said, it's start out well but decends into the bottom of the toilet seet as the flick goes on. But overall, the movie ain't all that bad, the acting is believable and the plot of the movie is clever. The Creeper of the movie is pretty bad ass and it's an original monster. But one thing that doesn't go well is the camera shots. Far from the best horror flick I've eve seen but still worth a look.

Augustine H (br) wrote: Sidney Lumet is surely one of the masters of confined space. The atmosphere crafted and the suffocation he exerted are overwhelming, especially when you have a shocking revelation like here.

Lindsay R (fr) wrote: What's more terrifying than imagining the unthinkable? This movie makes the audience sit in front of the credits wondering why they are feeling so shaky.

Ken S (fr) wrote: The story of a lesbian couple which engage in a constant role play in which one is dominant and the other is submissive, but the dominant player is becoming weary of the game and wants to just have a normal relationship. It is a slow burn film, with a bit of surrealism thrown it, and lots of imagery of butterflies. Well made, a tad haunting, and beautiful to look at...even when it gets a little weird.

aiden t (de) wrote: Greed is good. And so is this movie.

Tay M (br) wrote: I laughed through the whole entire movie! Beatlemania was no joke! I love that in the end, they all get to meet the Beatles in their own way.