Their dream of happiness and the perfect caper became a dizzying adventure, full of excitement, humor, passion and great adventure.

Their dream of happiness and the perfect caper became a dizzying adventure, full of excitement, humor, passion and great adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edgar C (au) wrote: Unfortunately, Poulet aux prunes comes as a soulless story that forces everything down the viewer's throat to try to capture the audience:i. Pretty images with digitally inserted attrezzosii. Tears from characters impossible to feel sympathy for, with the exception of Irne, a character that is put to suffer without meaning or purposeiii. Forced (and bad) comedyiv. A forced "tragic" outcomev. A fractured chronology so that the whole show may seem smartervi. An orchestral scoreSo, in the end, it turns out that a tragic love story that could never be was the source of inspiration behind his musical "genius". Speaking about his musical "genius", that is something we are supposed to buy because neither his music nor the violin play a central role in the film. Everything is left to speculation in a sickening secondary background. Everything we are offered is an over-stylized soap opera that ends up being your typical "French" film set in a non-modern setting with clichd characters and your Eiffel Tower to "accentuate" romance.Despite its interesting visuals, I think this film cheats on you and betrays you at the end. Throughout, you are left hoping for the tiny possibility to witness something in the main character's life that may help you justify his cunt attitude towards life and towards his family, home, etc. But that never happens. Everything can be summed up to a man whose death happens just because. You are, of course, supposed to swallow it. What a shame that Paronnaud and Satrapi felt to such a low degree since 2007. For the first half of the movie, I was considering the possibility whether if the whole feature could have worked better as an animated movie. After half of the film, I stopped caring.I just wanted the bastard to die already.56/100

Albert B (fr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Mike P (ca) wrote: Good inspirational movie even if it stretches the truth a bit.

Lee M (au) wrote: Worthwhile as a document of life in New York's Jewish tenements, but its miniscule budget pinches its period detail into stagey and static sets that fetter it's dynamic cast.

Joel A (kr) wrote: An edgy not so cutesy mid 50's musical staring the unlikely duo James Cagney & Doris Day.Although all the actors had major input on the script yet all the characters aren't that likeable but I guess realistic.James Cagney was his usual intense agro self & and this film focuses on the tensions behind the scenes between Cagney (The Manager & Doris Day (The Singer)A beautifully shot CinemaScope film that is interesting but a little drab overall...

Casey L (ca) wrote: A retired cold war assassin seeks one more Mark before retiring however he is hunted by a younger assassin who idolize him.

Robert l (ag) wrote: Lucy Liu Naked grrrr...