A thief with a unique code of professional ethics is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew's latest heist.

Parker is a reckless, precise and merciless thief. He demands a great loyalty from his team and they have to follow the order given to them. But the robbery becomes extremely dangerous because of one member’s fault. Parker decides not joining the next plan with the gang’s baron. They shoot him and leave him on an empty road. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John A (nl) wrote: Comedy Horror With A Ridiculous Plot, A Solid Script, Decent Performances And A General Fun Atmosphere. Aliens Have Started To Invade A Small Irish Island, With Storm Coming They Have No Help From The Mainland. However These Creatures Survive On Blood And Water, The Creatures However Can't Survive On Blood With High Alcohol Levels. Their Solution To Survive The Night, Have A Lock In. A Sharp Witty Comedy Horror That's Well Made And Enjoyable.

Igor A (jp) wrote: Koja mizerija od film...nevideno

Robert A (it) wrote: It tried to have a good story, but the acting killed everything. The only good thing was when the killer (Ron Jeremy) headbutts a dude's head off.

Sweet Poetic R (it) wrote: I liked this movie....pretty good storyline...

HarriPekka P (fr) wrote: Pop-kulttuuria sanomallaan kritisoiva, mutta tyylilln mytilev draamathrilleri. Steadycam -kuvaus on taidokasta.

Rob P (nl) wrote: This movie still holds up pretty well, though the science is really bad. The effects are still good, and I liked it more than Armageddon which came out the same year, with the same story.

RiP M (de) wrote: Meandering biopic held together by Parker's trademark invective and brilliant players headed by the fabulous Ms. Leigh.

Cody S (ca) wrote: this is a great underrated baseball movie, best parts are when Dennis Farrina yells

Shaun B (ru) wrote: WOW! Pam Ander really shows her acting chops in this one. Did I say "acting chops"? I meant BOOBS.

Ruairidh M (ag) wrote: For my money, this is Loach's most engaging, most captivating, most insightful portrayal of the kind of real everyday poverty that "opinion formers" like to pretend no longer exists in this country. While in some ways the plot can seem hackneyd, the sparisity of Loach's naturalism and the cutting lightness of the script draw it away from being heavy handed or didactic. The story, and the cinematography, are brutal, heart breaking. The first time I saw this film it swallowed me whole. Mr Loach, you are a G.

Denise A (gb) wrote: Liked this one when I was younger.

Luciano S (ca) wrote: Been a good 8000 years since I last saw this doozie.

Nathan H (ag) wrote: The main character is unique but relatable, and, as in most good sports movies, you feel compelled to root for him. The movie is compelling because it's not just about the pressure he faces from the race, but from parents who don't understand his racing desire and from being lower class in a town of rich college kids. As with most movies (unfortunately) there is some unnecessary, artificial conflict, but it doesn't bog the movie down too much. Plus, the movie has a natural humor that keeps the tone light, and Paul Dooley steals the movie as cliched, but enjoyable, mid-western, working class father.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Screen legend Barbara Streisand is perfect as the overly doting mother, and it's interesting to see Seth Rogen branch out of his usual sub-genre of comedy.

Veronica B (au) wrote: Buffalo creeped me out, especially the way he sounded. Movie was a different type of cowboy movie. I enjoyed it, even though I'm not much into westerns.

Brian L (de) wrote: As far as '80s action movies go, "Vigilante" is definitely not the worst I've seen. One of a plethora of revenge movies that came out during the era, this one actually doesn't make you scratch your head too much - the characters are fun, realistic, and although they're a little bloodthirsty, they all possess at least a little something resembling logic. Anyone who enjoys a good chase scene to a pulsing synth track, followed by a brutal, extreme justice-style beat down will get a kick out of "Vigilante," as a majority of the movie follows this formula. Sure, it's not deep, nor clever in any sort of way, but for a quick, wild, dirty '80s romp, you really can't hate on it.