Parkour: Beat Your Fear

Parkour: Beat Your Fear

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Parkour: Beat Your Fear torrent reviews

Desiray B (es) wrote: worst movie i have ever seen....

Kevin H (nl) wrote: This is an interesting documentary about how people lose (find) themselves in virtual reality. I think it is interesting how people explain why they find the game so freeing and how the cost is more than just money, it is physical and emotional costly to jobs and personal relationships in real life.

Emmanuel S (nl) wrote: 'Odd Life of Timothy Green' is a quirky and sweet story of how hard is can be for some to become parents, and how much harder it is for most to parent.

ken j (kr) wrote: In a seedy motel in Hollywood, a down and out ventriloquist with a creepy looking Dummy, kills herself with a drug overdose as her two young children watch in return they are sent to a uncle that somehow ends up dead which leaves the brother and sister to fend for themselves along for the ride is there mothers old dummy who the brother and ssiter like to blame for killing people. This movie for me bordered on the horror/comedy kind cause you cant help but just laugh at the dummy and for that matter the actors playing brother and sister not totally bad had some good moments of promise worth taken a look at.

Art R (es) wrote: Definitely a direct to video kind've movie. Im a big Van Damme fan so any movie hes in Ill watch. Story was weak and fight scenes got old but still atleast worth renting.

David L (es) wrote: One of those films which prides itself on two male stars that are well known due to their appearances in other legendary films. Unfortunately Casper Van Dien is nothing short of pathetic in this, and he appears to have developed a strangely seedy accent which I never remember him having in Starship Troopers. In all honesty, it kind of fits in with the rest of the quality in this creature feature as you can't exactly expect a movie about a giant python to be too realistic. The computer generation completely takes over, making the snake look completely out of context, but it's all done in good spirit and I have to admit it was quite fun. It's surprising that everyone seems so casual when they come across the beast, with one girl even caught in the shower, and throwing small rubber ducks at it to ward it off. There's also the old lesbian sex scene trick at the beginning, just to try and entice the pervs amongst us to watch it for a second viewing. Unfortunately I doubt that will be happening because the cheesiness of the niggling teen relationships is all a bit dull and boring. I wouldn't say this is a particularly gory or scary watch, purely because there's no realism to it but it's full of comedic moments in certain places, including the innuendos a plenty between Jenny McCarthy and her ambitious salesman. To give it it's dues, it's better than many other giant beast films, but just like those, it's still barely worth a second viewing.

John C (gb) wrote: Great musical numbers, Elvis's energy is superb, Ann Margaret a great co-star for Elvis. Movie has no depth....just pure fun with great music and dancing. Fun, classic early 1960s stuff.

Sausages M (es) wrote: Hilarious because it's so bad it's good, and you'll never look at lobsters the same way. Given the budget, the storyline, direction and acting aren't too bad apart from some of the minor characters, but the concept of an alien named Derek makes this worth watching alone. I've seen a lot worse.

Eric H (us) wrote: Yet another in the long list of Lugosi's B-movies as his career was in decline, this is of interest only to those who wish to follow that downward trajectory. so basicallyA short waste of time, but a waste of time nonetheless.

Andy P (de) wrote: Functions as a smart and thrilling urban thriller, and a dark, nuanced drama about the lives and exploitation of illegal immigrants in the UK, with a pair of fantastic performances from Chiwetel Ejiofor and Audrey Tautou in her English language debut, proving as capable in a serious role as in endearingly quirky ones (such as she played in Amelie).