Parlez-moi d'amour

Parlez-moi d'amour

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Luke A (jp) wrote: Great casting, Great acting, Great violence to story ratio and to top it all off its cognitively engaging. As well as being a sleek action flick, it has relevance to the modern Philippines without stomping it down your throat.

NCFilm R (gb) wrote: Mitt is a decent documentary covering 6 years in the life of one man and his family as they endure the arduous attempt to become President of the United States. It wisely stays away from the political message-mongering and focuses instead on the humanity of its subject. Mitt may not be for everyone given that it is a documentary about a political figure. Additionally, there is very little analysis of Romney by anyone beyond his family. But as an overall examination of the human side of politics, it serves reasonably well.

Jordan B (jp) wrote: My favorite in the trilogy. The movie is made by the final "vault" scene alone.

Malcolm M (ag) wrote: awesome. check it out if you care about nutrition and health.

Mike W (ru) wrote: Awesome movie! I think that was the first time I've ever been teary-eyed in an animated movie.

Sandeep H (es) wrote: A good Mission-based Army film i watched after the movie Saving Private Ryan.The film is all about, in which the US Military force wanted to ensure peace with the FARC, which is a Specially Trained Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia,who have indulged with terror and caused a threat to the Govt. and Civilians ofColumbia by hijacking,extortion.

Rebekka S (jp) wrote: Beautiful movie concerning the importance of communication. Deals with a missing father-son relationship and how it affects the son into adulthood and his relationship with his wife and own son.

Richard S (gb) wrote: This is the sort of movie that you don't really "want" to see, but somehow, based on strong reviews or sheer boredom on a random Sunday, you end up renting. The promotional material is intolerable, but there are moments of interest and a few unexpected turns. At times you wonder what would've happened if Herzog had been involved to push everyone past their breaking points, but as it stands, it's easily watched and just as easily forgotten.

Jay F (nl) wrote: Very good overall with a few week scenes here and there.

Misses F (it) wrote: I appreciate that this movie wasn't about remaking the original characters but taking something that was television magic and making it cinematic. We didn't need Farrell's portrayal of Johnson playing Crokett. I'm glad Mann avoided that cheese and instead updated the concept, characters, and feel.

jay n (gb) wrote: Fanny Ardant is great in the title role, Jeremy Irons and Joan Plowright offer exemplary support.

Freeman M (ru) wrote: Farrell shines, even though the script lets him down more often than not.

matthew b (it) wrote: This is a nonstop thrill ride that takes place in a prison where it is survival of the fittest.

Brett B (nl) wrote: Typical 80's horror flick, nothing spectacular and a little cheesy, but decent non-the-less. They keep it simple which actually helps this flick.

CW R (jp) wrote: the only terror behind these walls is very bad acting and a very low budget. This was one of the WORST horror movies I've seen. Which is a shame because the plot had lots of potential.

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: With a terrific premise and two of the funniest people in show business, Date Night should have been the year's best comedy, hands down. On Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, Tina Fey has proven her comedic mettle, bringing wit and intelligence to her craft. Steve Carell, for his part, has made me laugh 'til my sides ached in Get Smart, as well as the better seasons of The Office, and brought a surprising amount of warmth and heart to Dan in Real Life. Though both actors drift into vulgar humor from time to time, when given good material they truly shine.Date Night, by all appearances, was to be a sure-fire laugh riot, combining as it did these two talents with the comedic potential inherent to the instantly-relatable challenge of keeping love alive in a marriage. Sadly, after a good start, Date Night succumbs to lazy, crass humor and a meandering plot. The film follows Fey and Carell's characters (who are happily married-with-children but are stuck in the monotony of routine) on their weekly date night, where they are confused for another couple wanted by the mob.The beginning of the film, exploring the day-to-day grind of this loving couple as they juggle kids, work, and marriage, provides some of the film's most grounded and genuine humor. However, once the mafia storyline kicks in, the film attempts to find humor by contrasting the couple's relatively wholesome family life with the seedy underworld of New York City...and fails.While the film contains a few genuine laughs, most of the jokes fall flat or confuse crass with funny, tying the hands of the talented stars. It's a shame, too, because Carell and Fey wring some genuine sweetness out of their characters, whenever the limited script allows them too. They have good chemistry as a screen couple. The few moments where we see that chemistry give the audience a glimpse of what might have been. I for one would love to see them take another crack at it.This may have been a poor first date, but these two deserve another shot. With a good script that balances laughs and heart, like the Steve Martin-Diane Keaton version of Father of the Bride, Steve Carell and Tina Fey could make the perfect date movie, sweet (but not sappy) and full of laughs. As it is, this premise (a loving married couple, stuck in a rut, have an adventure that renews their passion and appreciation for each other) was done much better in The Incredibles. As much as it pains me to say it, this Date Night shouldn't be seen on yours.

Mark P (au) wrote: Middling laughs, but it's heart is in the right place.

Kylie M (it) wrote: Mrs. Doubtfire -- what's not to love!! An old time favourite, that never gets old! Still as funny as the first time I watched it! Robin is hilarious!!!!Starring: Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnon.

Richard C (nl) wrote: moving sometimes frightening story of a childs imagination seemingly affecting reality.recommended.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: Not good movie to watch