Parlez-moi de vous

Parlez-moi de vous

A well known radio talk show host lives as a recluse during the day, until she found her real mother.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Parlez-moi de vous torrent reviews

jenna c (us) wrote: A riveting surprise. Exciting, well acted and fun!

MF J (br) wrote: Another chick flick without anything special. Both lead actresses are likeable but both have been working on much better films.

Luke B (ru) wrote: There are plenty of movies covering the lives of hitmen. There's even a few dealing with hitmen as social misfits and at least one with a mute hitman. It's to No Mercy for the Rude's credit that it manages to pull of an enjoyable and very funny tragic comedy. The relationships are all handled very well and each one is very different. From the old love, to the younger brother and best friend characters. They may not be original, but they are used to full effect here. The longing to be a matador and write poetry are also believable enough character quirks to create and easily accessible doorway into a character that may have been distant. The violence is tackled with style but never glorifies it. It certainly has that Korean edge that works so well.

Greg P (mx) wrote: Easy was a charming movie about a girl named Jamie played by the beautiful Marguerite Moreau as she wants to turn her life around and find love. The acting is pretty decent and the story moves along pretty well. I felt myself really caring about what was going to happen to the main characters and if things would work out for them.

Queen P (kr) wrote: How do u watch this movies

Renee G (mx) wrote: I am a fan of the music and play be I do think the leads for the movie were a miss, Laurie is presented as a brat and curly is too cardboard for my taste. Think the filmed play version with Hugh Jackman was much better and did retain all the music.

Jake M (ca) wrote: I understand that everyone who has nostalgia for this movie will give it some slack. But seriously! This has to be one of the most lazily written, unfunny, pieces of cinematic trash I have ever seen! It is a kids movie, but it even seems too stupid to be a kids movie! It's annoying, perverted, and extremely pointless. Who honestly wanted this film to be made? So many people call it a guilty pleasure of their childhood, but since it wasn't a part of mine, I see it as a terrible, terrible movie.

Guye J (nl) wrote: Great 1995 action sci-fi movie by director Roger Donaldson! Natasha Henstridge (Adult Sil) shows it all in this movie. She was doing whatever it took to get pregnant and killing dudes that refuse to knock her up! I could not believe when Natasha(Adult Sil) disguise herself to look like another woman by changing her color, she subdued and got pregnant within seconds by one of the Doctors that was after her before she reproduce that Alfred Molina played. Forest Whitaker did a good job and I am glad that he became one the heros in this movie. Michael Madsen was no joke too. Now I see why director Peter Medak wanted him in the sequel!

Patrick F (ca) wrote: It never ceases to amuse me, this documentary. Classic. Cane Toad's Comin Cane Toad's comin

Risya H (br) wrote: An enjoyable lighthearted little film. Loved the settings of this film, with its lively small suburb, its style portrayal of Japan late-1950's family life and the charming little childrens. I also loved the camera placement where the camera never moves but each shot is perfectly framed that highlights what the director wants the viewers to see. The "retro" color of the film are nice too.

Rodolfo R (br) wrote: Un-fucking-believable. The only reason I'm not giving this a 10 is that I don't give anything a 10 the first time out. I don't want to go into too many plot details as much of [i]Beau Geste[/i]'s brilliance lies in the way in which the story unfolds. At its most basic, the film is the story of the Geste brothers: Beau, Digby and John. It's a story of love, friendship, loyalty and brotherhood, set against the backdrop of the French Foreign Legion. I know I'm not giving you a whole lot to go on other than a 9 rating, but the film was too special for me to put into words just yet. How's this for a recommendation: Beau, Digby and John are played by Gary Cooper, Robert Preston and Ray Milland, all of whom are in top form. My previous encounters with director William A. Wellman have pretty much all been with films from the pre-code era, including [i]The Public Enemy, Female[/i], [i]Wild Boys of the Road[/i] and [i]The Purchase Price[/i]. [i]Beau Geste[/i] is a natural descendent from these socially conscious films with its clear indictment of man's inhumanity to man presented without sacrificing the story, trivializing the characters or descending to broad proseletyzation. And if you've ever sat through [i]Dogma[/i], you'll understand just how great Wellman's accomplishment is. Sweet William would love this movie. Double Feature Fun: [i]Gunga Din [/i](Stevenson, RKO, 1939)

Josh M (ag) wrote: one of the scariest movies i have ever seen