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Parque vía


Beto is the keeper of a house in Mexico City - empty for several years already - in which he used to work as a domestic help. The solitude of the last ten years, as well the monotony and routine of his job have made him lead a secluded life, which could seem suffocating for most people, whereas for him it provides a safe and stable environment, in contrast to the threatening outside world. He has develop a pathological fear for this world, to the point of limiting his contacts to only two persons: the lady of the house, for whom he has a feeling of deep gratitude and respect that is translated into obedience; and Lupe, a friend, a confident and a lover. Once he learns that the house has been sold, Beto is confronted to the dilemma of gathering the courage to get out and get a life or find a way of remaining in his confinement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fellipe M (us) wrote: "Stockholm" is an incredibly inventive and unbelievably thrilling movie. At first you are puzzled asking yourself where the movie is going, but once you get the idea it becomes a series of WTF moments that keep you engaged until its jaw-dropping end. An excellent Spanish indie film. 4/5 stars

Ryan S (mx) wrote: Not much of a movie, but I still thought it was entertaining... but I always am a sucker for a killer deformed hick movie and that's all it was, really, your basic "people vist a small town filled with deformed hicks and die one by one" definitely nothing original. And Chris Jericho's part is awesome, not what I expected, but he plays an awesome creepy hick, lol, and his performance alone, if you're a Chris Jericho fan, is worth watching the movie. There's some pretty disturbing scenes too, including one with a old women and a deformed baby in a church that was just fucked-up and I'm sure hasn't been done before. So, all in all... a relatively entertaining movie, if you like this kind of movie, as long as you don't expect much.

ld p (es) wrote: Comedian Harmonists tells the story of a famous, German male sextet, five vocals & piano, the "Comedian Harmonists", from the day they meet first in 1927 to the day in 1934, when they become banned by the upcoming Nazis, because three of them are Jewish. Harry Frommermann is a poor, but talented musician writing his own pieces & dreaming of the big success. When he goes to the store nearby & listens to new records he is so deeply fascinated by the tunes that he doesn't even realize that Erna, the young employee, adores him. When the day comes where he can barely afford the food for his parrot, it is time to do something about his situation. He launches a newspaper ad looking for company to found a singing group. He gets to know Robert Biberti & both seem to be on the same level. Soon four other fellows are found. A concept evolves & rehearsal begins. Yes another Hitler movie. But this one is different it's a musical in the great musical art deco age of the 1920 & this movie ends with the persecuted Jews escaping to other countries. The film is big, enjoyable musical biopic of the kind Hollywood used to produce in the '50s. The plot is conventional but high with its production values. The basic story has all the ingredients of a good commercial story: Berlin in its wild, decadent heyday; marital & sexual tensions within the group; a trip Stateside at a crucial point in their career. Add to this a top-drawer cast & you have a very fine enjoyable movie. Some critics panned this movie. I don't know why. It almost seems we saw different films. Six main actors, who bear more than a passing resemblance to the real characters, blend excellently & look comfortable in period costumes & mannerisms: Noethen is very good as Frommermann, torn between love of his homeland & the compromises that keep him there; Becker excellent as the brash, blond Biberti, who sticks by Frommermann to the end (this is probably Becker's defining film role; he is fantastic) ; Wiesinger smooth in a tailor-made role as the arranger; & Heinrich Schafmeister quietly impressive Collin, in many ways the rock of the group. Musical staging, which use digitally re-mastered recordings by the actual group, range from the intimate to large-scale, & are briskly staged & cut. The results are excellent. An epilogue reveals what happened to all the Harmonists. One moved to California & eventually became the oldest active cantor in America. Others had a good life also. 5 stars. (addendum I watched this first half of this film with French language. Be sure and switch to German the language it was filmed in. The french dubs were not well syncopated)

Robert M (de) wrote: I didn't quite see why this one got such low ratings, but this is what I had in mind:Deceiving clever and probably my favorite thus far of the original Batman movie series. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones both bring crazy entertaining roles in this new installation to the iconic dark night. While Michael Keaton is out of the game, Val Kimer makes an exceptionally good replacement. A nice first appearance of Robin to the series as well. While it may be a bit hype and bright with the set and everything else, I still found most of the script to be well enjoyable.

john b (kr) wrote: Untamed Heart manages to a pretty amazing trick. Despite all the idiocy and absolutely laughable situations, the predictabilty and forced conflict that's inflicted on the script, it's still not bad. Tomei and Slater seem almost believable, and that's pretty amazing too considering their absurd dialogue. Sappy? Yes. Believable? No. But sometimes it just comes together enough to work.

MEC r (ru) wrote: An ok movie at the time...

Bjorn O (ag) wrote: Skum, otck,aningen knepig kanske.

Jacob F (ca) wrote: This "film" is absolutely disgusting. The acting is poor, the direction is bad and relies on shock value. The actual animal killing and rape scenes are despicable. I get the films message about extreme journalism but it's totally wasted by the directors actions. "I wonder who the real cannibals are" really? The director might as well be yelling look how artistic I am! at the camera. It's a horrible film.

Hayden L (kr) wrote: A great film. Boasting great performances, amazing cinematography, and fantastic action sequences. Connery's presence is felt and embodied within the dragon Draco, a fantastic Special Effects achievement. Not just a great fantasy film but one of they years best.

VietTriet N (br) wrote: I didn't even realize this was a sequel when I watched it. The story was NOT the most appealing although it stands as a great fight for the safety of endangered animals and the animal kingdom in general. It was also a joy to see the message of Steve Irwin carried out by his daughter Bindi.

Brian B (es) wrote: I could only watch half an hour of this because I like to think that Southerners are not paint-eating imbeciles with marginal intellects...