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Felix P (es) wrote: Wow. This girl is brave. Can't believe she was only 14.

Sally S (ru) wrote: The only redeeming thing about the movie is Sir Anthony Hopkins delivering bad lines as best as he can.

Josef H (ca) wrote: A one idea film, set on fire by Kevin Spacey's galvanizing performance.

cli o (it) wrote: i loved this when i was younger!!

Matthew W (ru) wrote: A surprisingly entertaining made-for-TV movie with Jeff Daniels about time traveling tourists from the future. Good fun, although there are more paradoxes than you can shake a stick at.

Paul D (it) wrote: A worthwhile representation of the McCarthy witch hunts. De Niro does a good job attacking the hypocrisy of the hearings whilst being on the back-foot.

Archibald T (us) wrote: There was a very strange thing in the first 20 minutes that I noticed. Instead of setting up the characters or building up a first act structure it seems that first time writer/director Justin Dix thought to put together an opening 2nd act to begin the film because it starts as if we're right in the middle of the story already! No set up except for the thrown together details that a group of military people have to go find their lead science team at a remote outpost after they've lost contact with them.A young woman, Eve, awakes and finds herself in what looks like the interiors of a spaceship, but it's really a top secret government facility. Her brain has been recently operated on for a project known as Genesis. The project includes giving people psychic abilities to combat the world's most notorious enemies. Psychic warfare as a means of turning it's enemies against themselves sounds like something Dr. Eric Vornoff would come up with.For reasons that we're never really sure of, the prisoners that were kept at this facility have escaped. Their newly acquired powers are put to use once the military enter the picture. The soldiers are sent to grab the scientists until the powers that be begin to pick them off one by one. One of the soldiers discovers that Eve use to be his wife, but tried to kill her before except she isn't his wife and blah blah blah. None of that matters when the characters are all unlikable. Even the character of Eve is someone you can't care about since she only turns into a vicious creature who uses her new powers for the dark side. The characters were essential card board cut outs of the one's you'd see in films like "Aliens" and "Resident Evil". In fact, if those two films fucked and had a baby this would be it's offspring. That may sound intriguing if you're a HUGE fan of "Aliens" and "Resident Evil"!There was one moment where a giant gorilla charges at them early on in the film that was put to good use. I would've enjoyed it more if it dealt with a giant group of gorillas than a dull hodgepodge of mind control antics. The claustrophobic nature of the film does work and the visuals are pretty to look at. The use of the color green is present through much of the film and I really liked that. I didn't like how poorly this fucking film was written since it was obviously made to cash in on one person's first directorial debut. Justin Dix may have a good visual flare when directing, but he needs to not write another screenplay to one of his films.Overall, Ed Wood would be proud.

Richard D (fr) wrote: A solid early 80's fantasy. While the story is rather basic (sorcerer is summoned to kill a dragon) it's really the characters that drive this home. First of all, This film features the most brave princess I've ever seen. Even supporting characters such as The king and his guard are fully developed. Only major I have is with the lead actor. He's fine and the character is easy to like, but he doesn't stand out that much, except for his hair. The effects are well done, especially for the early 80's. While it may not be perfect, it is worthy of attention.

Gerasimos E (jp) wrote: A visual masterpiece - even if you haven't actually watched it - you've already dreamed it at some point.

Ryan L (kr) wrote: American Sniper may be the most overrated film of all time. As a movie viewer, I am not blinded by the fact that this movie is supposed to be for patriots. It is a patriotic movie, made for Americans. And even at that, I thought the movie failed. The only good thing about this movie is Bradley Coopers performance. He is good in the role but he is one dimensional. No character depth, which really disappoints me because Clint Eastwood is in my opinion very good at creating characters that you care about. This may be fault to the writing which is the most mediocre writing if the year without being bad. The emotion that this movie tries to make fails on every level. You do not care for any of the characters because there's nothing to grasp onto the make you card for them. The action sequences are semi suspenseful and realistic enough but were short and not frequent enough. The movie was advertised as a movie about a guy that comes home an is damaged, but he is never at home in the movie. Worst advertised movie of the year. If it was advertised as an actin film, te movie would be better. But the movie sucks, you don't care about anybody, that baby is faker that Christy Mack's tits, the characters are one dimensional, and the emotional level is garbage.

Rich R (kr) wrote: Is this a student film? I get that it's a good idea but the writing and acting are so amateurish and it's just one expository line after another, strange character behaviors switching from dead seriousness to silly joking around. One minute a character is ready to shoot someone and a few minutes later returns utterly rational and continues the ridiculously implausible dialogue with no explanation. The entire film is a poorly executed excuse to present an idea which is good but I don't think they could have possibly hired worse actors or pulled it off less plausibly. Seriously is this a student film?