Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

Everyone knows that the stork delivers babies, but where do the storks get the babies from? The answer lies up in the stratosphere, where cloud people sculpt babies from clouds and bring them to life. Gus, a lonely and insecure grey cloud, is a master at creating "dangerous" babies. Crocodiles, porcupines, rams and more - Gus's beloved creations are works of art, but more than a handful for his loyal delivery stork partner, Peck. As Gus's creations become more and more rambunctious, Peck's job gets harder and harder. How will Peck manage to handle both his hazardous cargo and his friend's fiery temperament?

The story revolves around an unlucky cloud creates ferocious beast, along with stork's journey to transport poor "product". In just five minutes, the psychological processes of the two main characters has changed three times in a row, switched to entirely psychological previous opposition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (kr) wrote: Kids only. The animation looks dated but at the same time consistent with the many other films this franchise has spurned.

Slick N (ca) wrote: decent. not worth watchin more than 3 times

Lora C (mx) wrote: That is a great movie..

April G (mx) wrote: Very very funny! Gotta love those guys!

Ulla M (ru) wrote: Horrible, just horrible. Ugh. =/

Rameshwar I (us) wrote: Starts pretty well, but from mid way just keeps dragging. Not that it didn't have it's moments, but could ve been more brisk for a horror movie.

April F (ag) wrote: If you dont have a stomach for camp and insanity, dont bother, If you are an intellectual and you LOVE and "GET" John Waters, then you will add this to your collection, I have this on VHS, original release, which is probably as uncut as it will get without seeing it in the theatre.

Kyle O (ca) wrote: A few funny one-liners but overall story is pretty weak. Not a traditional Disney movie.

Rohan C (nl) wrote: Three years after being released "The Imitation Game" still delivers with a stellar cast and a compelling story. The movie follows the true story of Alan Turing, a cryptanalyst for the British Army and his race to beat the Nazi's encryption system, "Enigma", at the height of World War II. Although this venue for film has been done time and time again, this movie takes a new approach to it which keeps the movie feeling fresh. The race against the clock creates a movie full of tension and stress which is shown by the all British cast with riveting dialogue. Benedict Cumberbatch is the star of the show, playing Alan Turing. The actor's wit and talent shine through in this film and make it seem as if he was born to play this role. Whether it's highlighting Alan's awkward social life, or nailing Alan's speech impediment, Cumberbatch is spot on throughout the film. With his smarts, he's able to truly captivate you through the screen and make you feel as if you're the one who must break the encryption system. But Cumberbatch is not alone in this journey. With supporting actors, such as: Keira Knightley, Matthew William Goode, Mark Strong and Allen Leech, this team of top secret British geniuses work together and feed off each other during the film. Keira Knightley who stars as Joan Clarke, the only female on the team to break Enigma, is flawless in her role as Alan's friend and colleague. The movie stays true to the real-life friendship between Joan and Alan as they go through the process of breaking Enigma together. The scenes with Joan and Alan highlight how a socially awkward genius can and does connect with Joan throughout his life and is a true friend of his in a world that is just not accepting of the way Alan is. Along with the actors, the plot is something to be commended as well. While director Morten Tyldum could have given the viewer every piece of the plot from the get-go, he instead holds pieces of the plot back to intrigue the viewer's mind. By using this approach, the viewer is invited to get creative with where they feel the plot is leading them. With the guidance from Tyldum's directing and the creativity of the viewer's mind, the viewer is lead down a path which ultimately reveals the heartwarming yet heart wrenching climax of the film. Where the film succeeds with Alan's professional life, it fails in his private life. Although we see in a few instances into his private life, I wish director Morten Tyldum would have gone into more detail on Alan's background to help draw the viewer in even more and get a better picture of Alan outside of his encryption cracking life. The movie could have also gone into more detail about the team that Alan is forced to work. Besides Alan and Joan, the rest of the team seems one dimensional and the viewer is never fully drawn in emotionally to the rest of the cast. Although the movie is not without its faults, these cons are greatly downplayed by what the movie does extremely well. Overall, this is a brilliant movie with a cast that blends together well and a plot that is fresh and interesting. Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent in the role of Alan Turing and delivers every step of the way. You will be glued to the screen for the entirety of this excellent film. This is a must-see movie that will tug on your emotions like very few movies of this generation can.