In PARTNER, Bernardo Bertolucci conflated his interests in psychoanalysis, nonlinear narrative, and Godard to create a uniquely avant-garde work unlike anything in his ouevre. The film is loosely based on Dostoyevsky's novel THE DOUBLE and concerns an alienated, puckish young man named Jacob (Pierre Clementi) who confronts his own double. Jacob allows his doppelganger to take over his life; the second Jacob commandeers his predecessor's theater class in the hopes of creating living theater--as a violent act of social revolution. The idea of students wreaking havoc was not an unfamiliar one in 1968, and Bertolucci refuses to take Jacob's dangerous intellectual posturing lightly. The second Jacob is a handsome killer, the first a handsome weakling who must find the courage to resist his baser self. Bertolucci matches inspired plot points with arresting images, including visual film references and the bright color schemes that would later become his trademark.

Bernardo Bertolucci, along with co-scenarist Gianni Amico, used Dostoievski's 1846, pre-imprisonment novella The Double: A Petersburg Poem, which they moved to Italy and updated to the pro-Vietcong student-protest present, . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom G (br) wrote: Highly interesting film

rosemarie s (br) wrote: good & funny with great Christian values on important life topics of trust & love & honesty...

Keith M (us) wrote: an amazing documentary in the sense that it just tells the story of what some people did when trying to find out if there vote was being counted correctly. I would say watch this film just before you go and vote and see what goes through your mind. it's also a nice reminder that people liar and remember that when someone tells you something that they claim is the truth no matter who they are.

Robin A (nl) wrote: Pleasant movie, somewhat charming but not a lot more than that.

Roy C (de) wrote: Pirates of the Caribbean in the sky.

Lenard K (us) wrote: Minstrel hopes to become successful enough to convince the father of the woman he loves that he is worthy of her. Last complete Paradzhanov movie is increasingly surrealistic and was dedicated to recently deceased Tarkovsky.

Anthony I (mx) wrote: Spectacular in every measure. John Cassavetes is a genius, but that goes without saying. This is an incredibly acted and written film. I love how every scene is building on tension. If you looked away, you would miss so much. Everyone is just seconds away from snapping, or crying, or dying. The character depth is frighteningly beautiful. The acting is near perfect. There have been many movies made about marriage and infidelity, but this one seems the most real. I've found a new classic to put on my favorites list.

Tom F (mx) wrote: Probably the best of the franchise, Carry on Cleo used all the leftover props from the Elizabeth Burton film Cleopatra for a much better purpose. Lots of quotable lines, and a very British sense of humour prevails throughout. Definitely worth watching.

Henry G (ru) wrote: This somewhat endearing second chance drama based on the real life of James Burns a convict struggling to gain his life back boils down to a watchable melodrama. It's a tonal disaster and the acting from our lead actor and other thugs and friends are lackluster except for Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story) who is not only the most uplifting part of the story but also delivers a well done and sharp subtle performance as James's good girl who helps him see the error of his ways but is barely in the movie. Mary Louis Parker (Weeds) whom I love to death is convincing as his mom but not as heartbreaking as the movie wants her to be. I also found that him becoming a poet or writer was not as focused upon throughout the story as perhaps it should have been as it would have been a smart way to delve deeper in James's cliche character. With a weak script and it's sub par acting (except for a few players) the structure of the narrative between him before the prison and his time inside and the mildly intriguing true story raise this derivative gangster gone good tale to moderately enjoyable to watch.

Scott M (gb) wrote: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a good film but completely unneeded. The film was basically the first film again with a few new cast members setting up another hotel for the retired. If your interested in watching just watch the first and leave it there.