Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

Gene Reardon (Hauer) is a twice-divorced police detective who lives with his daughter. When a well-heeled local man is kidnapped, the FBI is called in, which introduces Longsworth (played by Paulina Porizkova). Longsworth happens to have been Reardon's first wife. Reardon's police reputation stinks because he botched a high-profile kidnapping case many years ago, which resulted in a baby who was never found. When ransom demands are finally heard, Reardon must try to solve the case without repeating his mistakes.

Gene Reardon (Hauer) is a twice-divorced police detective who lives with his daughter. When a well-heeled local man is kidnapped, the FBI is called in, which introduces Longsworth (played ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arlene S (kr) wrote: Enjoyed this very much. Spoiler alert: not the world's happiest movie.

Tyler M (us) wrote: It's very strange to be exposed to a band for the first time through watching their farewell concert. Well done, all

Meg P (de) wrote: I just did not enjoy this film...I guess I didn't understand what the point just didn't seem to have a story really.

q o (us) wrote: it was very slow, very quiet, but the images alone were powerful and moving. i was in tears. liked it a lot.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: It's about a high school senior with a desire to get in Stanford with a major in writing, away from his lousy hometown, but got denied by a wrong transcript (no clarification how). So he tried minimal, but desperate opportunities to get in by setting it right. But at the end, he realized the true nature of both of his desires.A good plot, but behind those words showed that the movie's different after watching: it's a total silly fiasco. The silliness kept popping up with no reason doing so when they're unfunny any way. That force had let this down. But it can be overlooked by the film's benefits: the cast, the occasional funny parts, and the uplifting message at the end.You can probably say that the purpose of the film's existence was so that the writer Mike Beck spread the message about the meaning of writing based on his POV, that's including creating scenarios that have the force of the silliness to develop that meaning."Orange County" is a silly film that benefits from its cast and little comedy. Its main benefit is delivering a message on one commonly popular subject: writing. If you think you can go through the silliness and just enjoy the cast and laugh so you can get to the message - go ahead when you have the time to watch this. (B)

Chris C (mx) wrote: Hollow Man may lack the substance of Paul Verhoeven's previous works, but it still delivers Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue in a pair of fine performances.

Jed D (fr) wrote: "The perfect remedy, after a bad day." Always, makes me laugh. Mark Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the bell) is quite entertaining and the film flows naturally. Lochlyn Munro, is convincing as the campus psycho and lastly, Tom Everett Scott, is great as the gullable and naive freshman who goes off the deep end.

Jason C (nl) wrote: Goofy, almost family-friendly Troma monster movie. It was a lot better when I was 12, but it's still pretty fun.

Sanford R (it) wrote: I would love to see this!

Jake P (kr) wrote: John Cassavetes & Gena Rowlands as the actors are pure perfection. John Cassavetes as the director is just as perfect.

ian h (fr) wrote: A mediocre movie that doesn't work because of lazy writing, cheesy situations, and lopsided performances.

Bridget H (ag) wrote: The incredible day that shook the earth to its core.

Mike T (ru) wrote: A little movie from the 1960s shows off David Warner in a madcap tribute to insanity and Marx, Karl Marx. Very much worth the ride!

Bob V (gb) wrote: Sentimental, predictable, syrupy feel-good classic that has Bette fucking Davis in it. Well? Is there a reason you're not watching it as we speak?

Roger R (fr) wrote: Vincente Minelli (Liza's father and husband of Judy Garland) is a very interesting director. Best known for Gigi and the Bandwagon his lesser known films such as this one and "Some came running" whilst still solidly within the hollywood paradigm hint at exploration of difficult subjects such as gender confusion and in some came running, loving "fallen women."

Daniel T (ru) wrote: This movie takes the brilliant German movie and makes it a shitty love story. Not all but quite a bit of it is Niccolos Cage, I just can't buy him as the beautiful angel this movie wants me to buy him as. It's rubbish skip it.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Dumb film. Don't know why it won oscars or is so popular

Kristen P (au) wrote: Great film. Helen Mirren is badass.