Partners: The Movie III

Partners: The Movie III

A news report circulates about a man who died after being kicked by a horse on a small island located 300km away from Tokyo. National Police Agency director Takeru Kanbe assigns Vice Director Mineaki Kai the task of making sure rumors surrounding the incident are fully investigated. Soon, partners Ukyo Sugishita and Tooru Kai are dispatched to the island to conduct the investigation. When Ukyo and Tooru arrive on the island, which is privately owned by a wealthy businessman, they discover a unit of former Self-Defense Forces personnel who have set up a small community as they participate in training exercises. While Ukyo initially expected to be investigating an accidental death, he quickly becomes convinced it was actually murder. However, when they finally manage to uncover conclusive evidence of this, the soldiers attack.

A news report circulates about a man who died after being kicked by a horse on a small island located 300km away from Tokyo. National Police Agency director Takeru Kanbe assigns Vice ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivier B (kr) wrote: Profondment perturbant, tragique, I loved it.

Brian F (au) wrote: Hockey, mixed in with the quirkiness of Juno and Scott Pilgrim, mixed in with great spot shots, Goon quietly revolutionized a long cliched sports film. Could have been longer in my opinion, but again this movie leaves you with a non cliche sports ending, so maybe that's a good thing. I laughed and cried. Best sports movie I've seen in a long time.

Kat S (ru) wrote: SUMMATION: Plaintively beautiful. But if you can't watch without being overly-critical/cynical, don't bother. EXPLINATION: I don't believe that this movie was made a some sort of bold statement, or political essay, or any such thing. It's a story. It is the tale of a boy who became a man who's life work become to follow his mentor before and through reincarnation. This man believes in his heart that finding the reincarnation of his mentor is more important than his very life. Sincerety of this sort doesn't often translate through a screen, but this does. His search and the finding is beauitful to watch. And while I do not necessarily subscribe to the process of reincarnation, watching this man's journey and this child's development is enough to make me think twice.

Rafik S (it) wrote: Very believably presented.

Iara Z (ag) wrote: Gosto desse esquema de histrias entrelaadas, mas fiquei com a sensao de que faltou alguma coisa. Das cinco histrias, gostei s de duas =/

Sanjay T (ru) wrote: Interesting racing film, yet intense!

Eric R (kr) wrote: Alongside disaster flicks another proprietor in 1970s cinema culture was the outlaw chase flick. So with the "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" we get a Roger Corman combination of "Vanishing Point" and "Bonnie and Clyde", substituting Clyde with another Bonnie for an earlier variation of "Thelma & Louise". That means it's an entertaining, low-budget B-movie with high octane chases mixed with two beautiful broads robbing banks with dynamite. Sounds like a explosive good time.Claudia Jennings escapes from prison only to rob a bank with a stick of dynamite in order to provide money for her family. Along the way she picks up a partner in the form of Jocelyn Jones, a down on her luck woman sick of the boring lifestyle wanting to spice it up a bit. Together they race across Texas giving the local law enforcement a headache as they rob banks with sticks of dynamite.All the expected Roger Corman production ingredients are in abundance, meaning action, humor and of course nudity. Yes stars Claudia Jennings and Jocelyn Jones do provide audiences with ample amounts of skin but don't let that fool you into thinking they were only casted for their booty. They actually have great chemistry together and provide the film with plenty of humor and even dramatic moments. Girls aren't left out either as they get their fair share of beefcake men flexing their biceps at the screen.The film is also surprisingly well paced by film-maker virgin Jocelyn Jones who mixes up the exciting chase sequences with character 'exposition', humor and even shocking drama. Our two loveable characters get mixed up in all sorts of antics while escaping the law that will be sure to bring a smile to exploitation lovers faces."The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" is the type of film I would imagine that made going to the drive-in fun. Who says a film has to have a $50 million budget to be entertaining? That's why these old Roger Corman productions are so loveable as they are extremely entertaining on a shoe-string budget. He provides simple ingredients audiences loves and manages to hire competent young directors to deliver the goods, as with "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase". Fans of cult drive-in fare of the 70s are sure to wan to hunt this entertaining gem down.Bonus Rant: As with many Roger Corman productions "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" was released with two separate titles throughout the United States. The other title is "Dynamite Women", a title I definitely like less. Ironically I prefer the poster artwork with the "Dynamite Women" title as opposed to the cartoonish poster artwork that coincides with the far more catchy title "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase." Go figure...

Gordon B (ag) wrote: A young girl is killed with a meat grinder and I Just didn't care. Now, either something is wrong with this movie or there is something very wrong with me

Piotr W (ca) wrote: Badass spaghetti flick, really underrated!

Charles P (fr) wrote: Ordet is an extraordinary, phenomenal masterpiece; it is mesmerizing in its drama and spirituality and for entire sections, my eyes never left the screen.

bernard a (gb) wrote: Probably my least favorite aspect of watching classic films has to be when actors or actresses appear in "blackface". Ugh. Luckily, I can't think of too many films done entirely in blackface. Just a few scenes now and then. But not so with films in which caucasian actors are made up to look like asians. It may not be as offensive to me as blackface - but it still turns me off nonetheless. I've never really had a desire to see the one with Katherine Hepburn made up as a chinese peasant (THE DRAGON SEED) - I just can't get past the make-up enough to enjoy the story?even as kitsch. Oh, I've seen a few - especially when big named directors are associated with the project. I did enjoy Griffith's silent, BROKEN BLOSSOMS (1919) and Capra's THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN (1933) for instance - but I wouldn't place them near my favorites though. Which brings us to Josef Von Sternberg's THE SHANGHAI GESTURE (1941)?a film made methinks - 10 years too late. It's based on the play from the 1920's and was once considered much too racy to be filmed?not that it stopped Von Sternberg any. You know the Hays Production Codes would have a say though - especially when the main character is named "Mother Goddam". Mother Goddam's name was changed to Mother Gin Sling (Ona Munson) for the film. Gin Sling is the mysterious owner of a successful gambling casino in Shanghai, China. When she makes an entrance it's to the sound of a gong and dramatic music. Mother Gin Sling is the very definition of a dragon lady. Her casino is as decadent looking as her get-up - with tiered levels complete with ornate railings and candelabras. You expect Marlene Dietrich to appear at any moment and start singing one of her signature songs?but alas, Dietrich is NOT in this film. The casino serves as a mecca for the wealthier residents of Shanghai - be they of European, American, Middle-Eastern or Asian backgrounds. The casino serves also as a place for hiding out. When one is trying to run away from someone or something. Like the young, spoiled american heiress Victoria Charteris (Gene Tierney). "Other places seem like kindergarden compared to this", Victoria tells her companion upon eyeing the casino for the first time. "It smells so incredibly evil. I didn't think such a place existed except in my own imagination?anything could happen here?at any moment." But try as she might to be discreet, Victoria catches the eye of Mother Gin Sling - who orders her henchmen to gather background info on Miss Charteris. Mother Gin Sling is an old hand on gathering information on her clientele. Info which could come in mighty handy someday?especially when she learns that Miss Charteris' father, Sir Guy Charteris (Walter Huston) is planning on buying the land that her casino sits on - thereby forcing Mother Gin Sling to move to a less desirable location? Assisting Mother Gin Sling in her scheme is the shady Doctor Omar (Victor Mature), a fez wearing middle-easterner who "cheats at everything except cards". Omar is able to seduce Victoria and it is implied that he gets her drunk and doped up and used? The film feels disjointed in that way. As if scenes are missing. I've read that the film underwent much revisions due to the Production Codes and I think it shows. You can just make out certain interesting themes about the exploitation of the Orient by the West?but the film never becomes compelling enough for me. Von Sternberg's camera really brings out the beauty of Gene Tierney in the early scenes. I would have liked to feel more sympathy for her as the doped-up spoilt brat later in the film...then the ending would have had more of an emotional impact on me. I've watched this a few times but it really hasn't grown on me and remains my least favorite Von Sternberg film for now. If the oriental make-up on Ona Munson and Clyde Fillmore weren't enough?wait until you see Maria Ouspenskaya in this. Gah!!! 4

Serdar S (ru) wrote: Funnier than it looks.

Muffin M (nl) wrote: Reeling after the horrific molestation of his daughter by a Japanese businessman, Lieutenant Crowe must come to terms with his own racial prejudices as he enters the seedy underworld to hunt down the unidentified perpetrator. But Crowe is not prepared for the depths of depravity and sexual slavery that exists beneath the surface, pushed into an emotionally charged war of vengeance with all guns blazing against a savage urban empire hell-bent on domination.also stars Perry Lopez, James Pax, Peggy Lipton, Sy Richardson, Juan Fernandez, Bill McKinney, Gerald Castillo and Nicole Eggert.directed by J. Lee Thompson.