Parts of the Family

Parts of the Family

Beyond the front door of an old, decrepit house is buried a horrible and tragic past. One horryfing and gory night a family of four is brutally hacked to pieces. The only survivor is the young and beautiful housekeeper, Ella. When she steps out of the house one day, she has no idea that she is about to be snatched by failed bank-robber Jason Goodis. Goodis, however, could not have imagined that the innocent hostage he is dragging back inside, has an unquenchable thirst for blood!

Beyond the front door of an old, decrepit house is buried a horrible and tragic past. One horryfing and gory night a family of four is brutally hacked to pieces. The only survivor is the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irene A (jp) wrote: one of the best roles of Hilary Duff. I expected a simple teen movie, a few tears and a happy ending, mixed with some drama. Well, I got all those, but so much more. It really touched me and made me rethink some basic things about life and death. I can't say that I've never thought about it, but I had a similar phase years ago and every time I "see" something similar, I get something new from that person.

Ben V (ag) wrote: Better than the 3rd movie (by half a star)

Aswin W (jp) wrote: yeah it was lame and wasn't entertaining to watch.

Ari L (gb) wrote: Not without its flaws but still one of my favourite films from my childhood :)

Shaun T (us) wrote: have to say this was an awfull film lol angelina jolie was very good , dont like her stuff alot but what small part she had she did it quite well

David S (jp) wrote: Pretty genius filmmaking for it's time, with the mix of animation and real world and real actors. The storyline and humor aren't the greatest, but the nostalgia factor, seeing Disney and other famous cartoon characters throughout, in a rather risqu film (comparatively speaking, of course, to the cartoons themselves), is nice to see. One of the more classic 80's flicks.

Tsukasa A (ag) wrote: I believe it was entertaining more than 25 years ago.

Scott M (ca) wrote: Amiable comedy in which a husband and wife swap roles. Much of the humor centers on Jack adjusting to doing home duties, while his wife goes off to work. This set the pattern for later television programs such as the comedy series, Who's the Boss, and Home Improvement.

Michael S (au) wrote: Thematically speaking Faces reminds me heavily of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? It follows the disintegration of a marriage between Richard and Maria. The big difference comes from the direction, where Woolf feels directed more as a stage play, with thoughtful long takes and a fairly still camera. Cassavetes throws us head first into the marital issues with a constantly moving camera, one that flows with the chaos or settles with the moments of tenderness. Cassavetes is fast becoming a favorite film maker of mine. He just has such a distinct and intense style that I could only describe as kinetic.

Corey n (nl) wrote: This was a very good western with two big name stars. James Stewart plays a farmer that is also the sheriff of a small town called Firecreek. Firecreek is a small town with many old folks and quiet towns people. But when a group of outlaws come into town for a rest they turn the quiet town and it's people upside down. Henry Fonda plays the leader of the outlaws. His character has some morales. But while he is resting from a gun shot wound his crew make life uneasy for the people in town. In the end Stewart's character must stand up to these men. This was a well done western. You don't get any real action in this movie till the end. But the build up to it was well done. Stewart and Fonda are both very good in their roles. They carry this movie and make it that much better. Otherwise this might have been a mediocre western. A must see for any Stewart & Fonda fans or those who enjoy a good western movie.

Damir A (au) wrote: Campy as hell but entertainingly so!

Liam P (es) wrote: Slickly produced, intelligent as well as tragic. Predestination asks a lot from it's viewers, so much so it can be overwhelming for many. But it never get's so overbearing that it stops being compelling. If you're willing to decode it's secrets or an alternative cinema fan willing to ride with it's strange wave of logic. You'll be rewarded heavily with shocking twists, turns and a really damn entertaining film.

Andrew P (us) wrote: Ignore the critics reviews. Plenty to like about this movie. Great cast, stunning backdrop and lots of laughs..think Doc Martin meets Ballykissangel.