This French language drama from Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira takes an ironic look at the pretentiousness of international jet-setters while simultaneously examining an obsessive romantic relationship between an aging Lothario and a beautiful married woman. The tale begins at a garden party in a lovely villa in the Azores held by Rogerio and Leonor for handsome, middle-aged Michel and his mistress Irene, a noted Greek movie star. The guests aren't there long before an obvious attraction between Leonor and Michel prompts them to head for a private beach (their tryst, if there was one, occurs off-camera). Five years later, the foursome again meet for a garden party and once again they pair off after spending much time discussing gender differences, emotion, social insight and exchanging witty bon mots.

The battle of the sexes? The forces of despair and seduction? On S. Miguel in the Azores, Rogério, a young man with old money, and his enigmatic wife Leonor host a garden party at their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quentin D (fr) wrote: Interesting film. Seagal shares screen time and the film is followed by a good plot and strong action/violence. Classic Steven Seagal. Great film.

Jen S (kr) wrote: this version differs from the play, but it is still hilarious and the songs are great too

Jaman U (fr) wrote: good movie quite a different role for robin williams but he makes it work

Richard D (us) wrote: Here's a film I want to love but just don't. I like it just fine ... but it's the kind of film that takes a subtext that exists in hundreds of sci-fi films and raises it to the level of text in a rather blatant and awkward fashion. I don't find it's political themes to be clever, but kind of crude and obvious I have similar problems with the film's dialogue. As an action film, I like the first act, but the film drags in the middle and I find it difficult to get re-engaged for the climax.

Kiran E (de) wrote: Interesting film. Very well acted, especially by Alfred Molina.

Thomas O (br) wrote: A beautiful marriage between the two richest art forms known to man

Nate T (ca) wrote: The animation to this movie is amazing. The people who made this weren't lazy, its also great for children, but I watched about 5 minutes of it, and I got board, it didn't entertain me, so I give this movie a medium review

Allison R (jp) wrote: worst horror film i've ever seen in my life. it doesn't even make sense. especially the end

That Guy C (jp) wrote: Even at a running time of 82 minutes, Vampires Suck feels like it's 3 hours long. I really wanted to see them bash the stupid "Twilight" series but the jokes fell flat and the movie added unnecessary material. I think I could've made a better spoof movie back when I was 12 years old! This movie should take out "Vampires" from the title because it really does suck. This is what happens when you give the dummies who made Epic Movie more money to produce these god awful films. How on earth did Ken Jeong agree to this!? He was the only one that could've probably saved this movie but he wasn't in it that much. Don't watch this movie. I would rather watch paint dry than this.