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  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Malayalam
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Blade Purushottaman (Mammootty), nicknamed Parunthu Purushu for the way he preys on his targets, is a heartless financier. His rude and insulting ways of talking to people who owe him money have hurt many people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy O (ag) wrote: As far as plot is concerned we've seen it all before, but the action scenes are very good. I just wish the final fight just had a bit more impact....

David W (jp) wrote: Funny, but not one of their better shorts.

Amy S (br) wrote: cute movie. very PG. i remember reading her books when i was small.

Jeff V (ca) wrote: Typical Albert Brooks. Mildly amusing in irony rather than laugh-out-loud. I wish it delivered on its title but it never comes close. It leaves us with only three points and even those are not well-supported: 1. Polish jokes are funny everywhere.2. Practical jokes are funny everywhere.3. Stoned people laugh at anything.

Gina S (it) wrote: Complex, intense, dark story by Emile Zola. The main characters have an amazing depth even as a screenplay adaptation. No one writes like this anymore!

Antwan J J (us) wrote: not bad but could have been better

Jud W (jp) wrote: unfunny and uninteresting, could very well be one of the most pointless movies ever made.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon finds itself dragging at times, notably in the second act, but beautiful direction and breathtaking fight scenes more than make up for its shortcomings.

Greg W (mx) wrote: silly & lame beyond words I want my hour and 23 minutes back!

JC M (jp) wrote: Some pieces are an interesting glimpse at the future, but the same joke is repackaged continually.

Robert H (nl) wrote: Classic anime revisited! Space Pirate Captain Harlock (Albator to all your frenchies out there) makes his way into full length CG animated feature with style. The look of the film is gorgeous and unlike some others that have taken this step, the story is pretty straight forward and understandable. Though there are nods to fans of Harlock, newcomers can watch without having to know the history, characters, etc. previously.Of course, the story of Captain Harlock does make for quite a bit of faith as there are plenty of things that might not make much sense morally, physically, and such but that is quite common in anime circles.My only real beef with this film is that... there simply wasn't enough of it. Harlock Space Pirate left me wanting more. When's the next feature???

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