After an hospital accident, a wealthy male is compelled to adopt a prostitute's son. The lead protagonist is played by Raj Kapoor.

After an hospital accident, a wealthy male is compelled to adopt a prostitute's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Parvarish torrent reviews

Shaswat A (br) wrote: Boring first half but a very very good second half.

Stephen D (mx) wrote: Great gore effects, no scares whatsoever. Very cliched and unoriginal, as I expected.

Wes S (de) wrote: A few familiar horror stars, above-average indie film-making, typical but decent zombies, and a too-familiar boring plot. The dialog is fairly awful and generic, and there isn't much to the story to follow. The film ends up being another zombie-dud, yet it remains more memorable than most.

Jill R (ru) wrote: wayyyyyy too slowi couldn't sit through the whole thing

Catie T (kr) wrote: Absolute drivel. There's nothing redeemable about this movie. It's not even "so bad that it's good" status like The Room, it's just bad and not worth watching. The only good quality about this movie is that it has Orlando Bloom's face in it.

David M (de) wrote: As a portrait of Villa (though a snapshot) this was highly accurate in capturing his character and persona as well as the general style of fighting and Villista mystique. Having just finished reading _Villa and Zapata_ I rather enjoyed this movie.

Eddie D (ag) wrote: This is amazing! Such a great movie. Not really horror, actually more of a mellow drama, in a sense. Only two kills, but they are awesome! But the whole concept of Harry being visually molested as a child, groweing up making toys and wnating ot be Santa Claus and ending with one of the most epic endings!!! MUST SEE!

Andr B (ag) wrote: Talvez a mais precisa e mordaz crtica superficialidade burguesa. Uma obra extremamente poltica travestida de comdia de costumes.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Smart, clever and funny, 30 Minutes Or Less may suffer from an uneven plot but makes up undoubtedly with a trio of solid performances by Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari.

JURGEN P (nl) wrote: For me this is the best sequel of all time. Real humans and real danger. Beautiful cinematography and mind blowing music score. Dillon is my favorite antihero from trilogy. Hi is after Ripley the strongest character in ALIEN movies. I love every minute of this movie. Editing was perfect. Now in this days hollywood makes movies with similar endings like LOGAN and peoples loves it. I don't get it why they hate this movie. It's more creative then other Alien movies.

Patrick W (es) wrote: Plenty of banter between contemporary comedy stars. The cameos from other stars and "how they are in real life" especially Michael Cera was hilarious. This movie is very enjoyable if you like the "Apatow brand" of humor. Check it out.