Parvaz-e zanbur

Parvaz-e zanbur


A simple fable about a teacher's quest for justice. The teacher's neighbor not only ogles his wife, but builds an outdoor toilet right beside the teacher's house. When he is refused any legal recourse, the teacher decides to get revenge by building a latrine for the entire village outside his neighbor's house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (ag) wrote: I love Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss and they have good chemistry in here but this film is so messy from a writing and directing standpoint. Once you realize the initial premise and setup about an alternate universe, it becomes very exciting, but it's slowly downplayed by obvious execution and exposition and I feel it just tries to confuse the audience when it really should be exploring this relationship in a deep and meaningful way given the metaphors.

Alessandro C (fr) wrote: what a nice, intelligent movie

Dleo P (es) wrote: A nice little package and don't forget to place the big red bow on top. The concept of what was the "ghost" was good. A lot of these movie are capitalizing on the "scary supernatural". The scares are fairly appropriate for the 13 crowd. The story line lack in drawing adult views in.

Sam W (br) wrote: A neat little film about what makes life worth living.

Champ S (gb) wrote: Great film with super interesting concept to think about. Deeper than one might thought about a film. Might be too deep.

Kristian M (jp) wrote: Pretty decent scifi movie with Karen Black, rips off Carrie in a big way but I like that. And Rainbow Harvest is like a low rent Winona Ryder :)

Anna N (it) wrote: Guinnes and Hawkins = Want to see it

Matthew R (jp) wrote: A very silly, trashy movie that isn't even afraid to call itself trash in its own title.

Katherine R (au) wrote: This movie is my favorite.