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Malissa M (mx) wrote: Shaadi Ke Side Effects Review (By Me); most marriage movies don't go into dept of what goes on beside closed doors, but Shaadi Ke Side Effects does. when you put actors like Farhan Akhtar & Vidaya Balan on screen together it's just makes the whole film even better. As they portray their roles as husband and wife it was nailed! SKSE shows you the fun & serious parts of marriage, which everyone should know exists. marriage is about having fun and loving each other but what happens when your not ready for more responsibility like a baby or another car?? what if all you wanna do is have fun with the marriage?? SKSE takes you there and shows your the outcome of what marriages are like with lies and betrayal. FA & VB have done such an excellent job of making the audience understand that there is such a thing a love forgiveness & understanding. the funny moments of the film will make you laugh like crazy and the serious parts will have you think either is that how I feel or am i ready for marriage? Awesome movie altogether .

Julie M (ru) wrote: interesting look at some lives lived with bipolar

Graham M (jp) wrote: This is the sort of film I would have hated when I was younger, but I can now appreciate it for being cleverly done. Depending on what you're hoping for, the twist will either please or disappoint.

Pearl D (jp) wrote: it wont let me wacth it that's stupid

Daniel H (au) wrote: This was a stand-out film in terms of production value. The story is all-too-familiar for those who are acquainted with the characters from the PBS series...but the lush production mounted and filmed is worth the trip to the cinema. Much like last year's Atonement, Brideshead Revisited relies heavily on its countryside palacial scope of its setting. Sumptuous cinematography, costume design and lighting all make for a very beautiful picture. On the acting side, all are respectable--but it's Emma Thompson who really stands out as the iron-fisted matron of Brideshead. Her disdain oozes with every back-handed compliment or shred of seemingly civil dialogue spoken by her character. The story of unrequited love-lost is classic and plays out like a typical Merchant Ivory epic--although this technically isn't one. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen. A solid period piece despite its sad attempt to market it as something more contemporary and along the lines of a cheesy sequel to Cruel Intentions. That it is, most definitely, not. Brideshead Revisited is another period drama offering, this time from Director Julian Jarrold. Having never watched or experienced the series I came into the film from the trailers with a heightened interest of wonderment. Was expecting to be either really disappointed or really impressed. Thankfully with Brideshead Revisited it results in the latter of the two. Wonderfully it begins where it ends and we experience this wonderful life of a certain man, Charles Ryder and his entanglement with the Flyte Family. The times and era is displayed perfectively throughout the film and it provides bedazzlement and awe throughout. ''I want to look back and say that I didn't turn my back, that I was happy.'' There are some beautiful locations and costumes on offer in Brideshead, not to mention stunning locations which include Morocco and Venice. In fact the only thing that matches the quality of the scenery is the music and respective array of casting. We have some fine performances on offer here. Matthew Goode is Charles Ryder, and he's a handsome, artistic, talented young man who wants to become a painter. Goode's acting is a bold effort that succeeds in being both believable and effective. With more power comes the lust for more and this is conveyed wonderfully as the drama unfolds. Hayley Atwell as Julia Flyte again shows a penchant for Period films since her recent Duchess days and shows us a new and intriguing period. Ben Whishaw as Sebastian Flyte also shows he's got a knack for Period dramas, I loved him in Perfume and he was reasonably good in Layer Cake etc... Whishaw single-handedly kills two birds in one stone, acting as a fresh character who's both homosexual and an alcoholic. A very impressive feat, yet he's not the biggest chain of the story just a vital part of it to begin with. Other old hands like Emma Thompson & Michael Gambon give quality solid acting performances as you'd expect from these veterans of the screen. ''You banish me from your house, you poison my friendship with both your children...'' There's some nice twists and turns here on offer and some fine complex relationship triangles on display. Ryder's lust for more and what he wants inevitably always ends up backfiring thus leaving us enthralled by the nature of his ambitions and greed. From an artists opinion there's alot of eye candy here that's equally jaw dropping. Ranging from statues, windows to mosaics and church implements that beg to be drawn and studied. Overall, Brideshead Revisited is one of those films you may ask at the end of it what the point is, So I will ask that. What was the point? Well to me the point is this, and thats the wonderful journey and experience we the audience have just witnessed. It's a blessing to see such characters being brought to life, and it gives me an incentive to read Evelyn Waugh's 1945 Novel.Based on Evelyn Waugh's 1945 classic British novel, Brideshead Revisited is a poignant story of forbidden love and the loss of innocence set in England prior to the Second World War. 2008 is almost drawing to a close and my next film to watch at the cinema was Brideshead Revisited. A film which was a re-working of a TV series and a novel. Both I haven?t seen, so I went into the film with a relatively open mind. Read many negative reviews, commenting on the lack of plot and one which is slightly constrained in it. To be perfectly honest I seemed to have watched a different film entirely to many people. Brideshead Revisited is a brilliant film indeed and wonderfully made. The film opens up with Charles?s narration, which is the centre of the film. With beautiful opening in World war 2, giving us an indication of what's to come. Perhaps there could have been more emphasises on Charles?s background as a soldier, little more about his personality after everything at Brideshead and him as an older man. Perhaps that could have given us as audience a little more to work with, in terms of adding meaning to his character and working out what kind of a man he is now. I would also like to have seen more build up to his relationship with Sebastian and Julia, giving us time to understand each character better. But for some unknown reason the fact that wasn?t done works and becomes a very enjoyable film. Acting, In Brideshead Revisited is perhaps one of the strong points of the film. Emma Thompsons excels as lady Marchmain, with enough repression and awkward expressions to create a great performance. Most likely she?ll be considered for an Oscar in January?s nominations and no doubt receive a BAFA nomination this year. Ben Whishaw was absolutely marvellous to watch as Sebastian Flyte, totally different to roles that I have seen him in and hopefully more to come. I hope he gets some kind of recognition at the BAFTAS this year, perhaps a best actor nomination but he?ll probably most likely get unnoticed. Matthew Goode seems to me to be the perfect actor for the role, who is just an absolute delight to watch on screen. I hope to see more of him in future roles. Also worth mentioning Michael Gambon as Lord Marchaim in a supporting role. The film draws upon class very slightly. As Sebastian?s family draws in the middle class Charles into an awkward world of the Marchmains? Catholic faith. Charles soon learns of the Marchmain?s faith almost eating many of the films up insider, so to speak. Sebastian?s constant drinking is a reflection of strong Catholic upbringing that he and Sister Julia had. The film depicts the downside of faith that can happen, often not depicted in many films

Gisela A (kr) wrote: I know is for kids but i liked it

Joshua P (ca) wrote: D3 more like please leave!!!!!!!!

Michal J (ru) wrote: Great story. Great acting. Great music! Lena Olin at her hottest and Gary Oldman at his craziest! How could you want to miss it?

Carlos D (nl) wrote: Hooper and Carpenter prove themselves as true masters of horror. This triple-story insanity is scary, fun, and delightful to watch. With some directors in hilarious characters, it's made to make you have a great time

George E (kr) wrote: Started out good but went disappointingly bad. The trailer made it out to be how awkward she is around the baby - in which she was, but not for long. Most of the movie was about her wanting to get laid (finding love, etc). Talk about misleading marketing...

Alden S (it) wrote: 10 out of 10:Barry Lyndon proves to hold up after 40 years due to great acting, directing, set pieces, and cinematography.

Richard B (ag) wrote: Excellent - and, importantly, Kenneth More's performance makes him believable as a man with metal legs.

Daniel P (it) wrote: Loses at least one star for sparking Reagan's career, which led to his horrible presidency (I think my taxes are still paying for that $5,000 hammer he bought in 1986). Loses another for Pat O'Brien's off-field perforamnce. On the field he's great - the perfect hard-nosed football coach. But off the field, with his wife, he has the same attitude, which leads to zero chemistry or believability. Also, I dislike Notre Dame (go Maroons!). Finally, it's a paint-by-numbers, hagiographic sports biopic. Add it up and two stars is generous. It redeems itself by giving satirists such a great parody opportunity (the "win one for the Gipper" scene).

Kyle S (ru) wrote: Exceeds expectations. Canada has been done proud.

Pja J (fr) wrote: This movie started fairly well. The premise was interesting, it was quite funny, new, original. However, after 40 minutes or so, it started to feel long, and from then on, I was bored almost the entire time. 2 and a half stars, mostly for the idea.