Pas très normales activités

Pas très normales activités

A parody of Paranormal Activity.

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Steve H (es) wrote: A historical timeline of the Powerful Elite's manipulation of the American People for great wealth and dominance. It's not a Theory if it,s true.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: very unknown movie, but truly hilarious look at the life of vacuum salesmen.

Jim S (mx) wrote: Another guilty pleasure for me. It has some great effects and a sense of humour, however it does sort of bog down in the third act.

Ifiok O (au) wrote: Master P tries to show that he can't just make mediocre gangster rap music, but also directing mediocre movies about gangsters (Hot Boyz) as well. I'm not sure if that was such a good idea, considering this was less than mediocre, with tired cliches and stereotypes trying to pose a plot and characters.

Tanya N (it) wrote: WTF is it with French cinema that can't have a plot or interesting characters to save it's life??

Robert I (es) wrote: Falls short of living up to its potential. Great director, Eddie Murphy is actually well casted, but the script isn't solid enough. Obviously Murphy and Craven clashed on set, but if they hammered out their differences and had a screenwriter with a vision, this could've been something really special. Instead it's just a fairly decent flick you watch on cable.

Andrew T (it) wrote: One of my favourites - driven by the pure rage of Asbestos Felt, it is guaranteed to please in numerous ways.

Col (es) wrote: Hyped to fuck by a mate, but I just didnae get it. The boyish charm of the two highwaymen didn't really work 20rs later for me and just felt cheap and badly acted. Great soundtrack tho, so undeniably Scottish sounding.

Shira P (ag) wrote: I get what Wertmuller was doing here, but I just did not enjoy this movie. At all.

Devon B (jp) wrote: If you watch even a little bit of "The Phenix City Story", you'll know it was based on real events, the circumstances surrounding which are actually quite riveting. It's unfortunate then that the film regarding these events is so clumsy. After a short "newsreel" (where a reporter interviews some of the actual participants of the story), the film opens with a young man trying to get his girlfriend to quit her job as a dealer in one of Phenix City's several gambling dens. That Phenix City is in Alabama and both these actors speak with clear and obvious yankee accents is distracting, to say the least. Not only do several of the actors not even attempt an accent, some don't even attempt to act. The first half of the film is strictly B-movie grade MST3K type stuff. Phenix City, Alabama was once the sin capital (also known as the "wickedest city in the United States") of the United States, long before Las Vegas was even dreamt of. For 100 years, the "machine" ruled the city, raking in untold cash which, at the time the events of the film took place (early 1950s), added up to millions of dollars a year. Citizen groups occasionally rose up to challenge the mob, but they were usually squashed all too quickly by strong arm tactics and voter fraud. Yes, Phenix City, from the city hall and police force on down, was totally corrupt and on the take. That is, until John Patterson returned from serving overseas in Germany during the war. John saw his friends beaten and murdered joined in the fight against the mob. When his father, Albert Patterson, a great and famous attorney saw what his son was involved in, and became convinced he could no longer sit idly by. The father ran for attorney general of Alabama, on a platform that he would clean up Phenix City for good. It's quite a harrowing tale, and with a substantial amount of shockingly hard-nosed 1950s violence. Cheap sets and bad acting aside, the film is really quite something, although I think the newsreel portion of the film would've worked better as an epilogue rather than a prologue.