Pas un mot

Pas un mot


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:29 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Pas un mot torrent reviews

Kat G (ag) wrote: Easily one of the scariest films I have ever seen. I have seen people say that it starts slow, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie. The protagonist and her circumstances are incredibly relatable, and the story is made even more disturbing by the fact that a lot of the "stupid main character" cliches that show up in a lot of horror films don't appear in this one. Unsettling, disturbing, and absolutely terrifying.

Ksu K (br) wrote: It's hard to look at this with bare eyes. Everybody who watched The Act of Killing gets traumatized. You should be.

Sarah F (nl) wrote: I want to see this film!

Rachel S (gb) wrote: Fantastic. One of my favorite movies. Gordon-Levitt kills it.

Isabelle W (mx) wrote: Eu s conhecia Louis Garrel em seu papel no fraco e pretencioso 'Os Sonhadores'. 'Dans Paris' me fez ir com a cara dele, gostei da sua atuao espontnea, apesar de achar que o ator devia sair um pouco do esteritipo 'parisiense blas'. Esse filme retrata relacionamentos amorosos de forma confusa, pois assim que relacionamentos so. Mostra como duas pessoas passam da felicidade irritao, ao ponto de no se suportarem, e tem a clssica cena do casal que canta ao telefone.

Desiree E (fr) wrote: Documentary style zombie movie. It is funny and it's interesting.

Sue A (fr) wrote: It's ok, but nowt special.

Boris S (au) wrote: Really good film, perfect for animal lovers. Very deep.

James W (fr) wrote: "I can walk on water, eat bullets and shit ice cream"

Ian C (br) wrote: This makes no sense. Why is an organized crime outfit trying to take over every single dojo in America? Who gives a fuck this is the greatest film ever made. When you are certain to face a showdown with an evil JCVD it is crucial that you have Bruce Lee as your Sensi. Textbook 80's cheese.

Kim B (es) wrote: One of the worst movies, whoever recommended this movie is delusional. The only good part is the theme song and it does it shame. Terrible script, music, acting, costumes, plot. This is no dirty dancing not by a long shot. Bored after five minutes and against my better judgement continued to watch it. The only thing that was kinda interesting was to watch the bad makeup, hair, helen hunt, and outfits. You know it's an old movie when Brenda from 90210 is little.

Erick G (us) wrote: Pour Grard Philipe et Michel Simon. Un morceau d'enfance chaque fois que je le revois.

Hunter H (kr) wrote: It good until the very ending he killed him with donuts and the bad guy lives and the credits come and there is happy music in a horror movie :(

Sophyia P (de) wrote: I can't watch it won't let me

Jean L (ag) wrote: 7.9/10Good B Serie Movie.Good choice of actors.Intrigue and surprises.Watch it without expectations and you be served.

Leena L (jp) wrote: Meryl and her accents, worthy of her Oscar, as always. Hence three stars. For the rest the whole story was ruined for me by its male characters: Kevin Kline (could only see him talking italian and sniffing arm pit hair to het himself ready for sex in Fish called Wanda) and Peter MacNicol (The weird Cookie character in Alley MacBeal). I mean how can you take either of those men seriously as passionate lovers or as.... anything????