A story about friendship and moral dilemmas. Young people yearn for a better future in developing country, while old people seek to restore the old times.

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Pasajeros torrent reviews

Frdric H (it) wrote: enjoyable .....this movie should come before stone cold ......but apart from that nicely done and good story.

Damon R (ru) wrote: I can see why certain fantasy books are better than the movies. They have more details. Inkheart is one of those movies because it felt rushed instead of taking its time to tell the whole story. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but it's sometimes hard to keep up when they're rushing the movie. A word of advice: if you want to adapt a fantasy novel into a movie, take examples from Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia and tell the whole story in its entirety and not leave things out. That's just my viewpoint.

John W (jp) wrote: Interspersed between the lives of a small group of people weaves a sexual thread ... thru couples with varying problems and the enlightened prostitute that the film uses as bookends to the different stories. The battle that emerges is the one of raw desire vs planning for the future and doing the "right" thing. The ending is poignant and brings the battle front and center. Very entertaining and it may make you reflect on your own choices in life.

Ryan G (ag) wrote: Seems sort of crammed.

stacey f (gb) wrote: very funny, but I did watch it with the subtitles, otherwise, I think I would have missed some of the misquotes.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2016-02-10 silly funny

Michael W (us) wrote: Easily seduced art student begins love triangle with married professor and roommate. Jealousies rage. Contains a welcomed and overboard attempt by Milano to shed her Who's The Boss persona; but Alyssa is unable to own the role like Drew. Several MAXIM spreads would follow.

Mrs P (fr) wrote: It was ok, but the first one was the best.

Private U (gb) wrote: Good. Excellent dialogues.

Rod A (ca) wrote: Despite some clunky acting, this film plunges right into the depths of racist rage and the desire to overcome temptation. Bunuel expertly evokes the wild island off of the Carolina coast. At times the mood reminds me of Night of the Hunter. Powerful.

Kevin H (kr) wrote: Gritty, gorey and totally over the top....

Anne S (ag) wrote: I actually enjoyed it for what it was.. sheer entertainment value. Acting was done well.. no complaints really

Keenan S (ru) wrote: Magnificent Obsession is a romantic drama with a premise that would normally make me roll my eyes and it's also a premise that would never churn out a good film again. Still, it's hard not to love Magnificent Obsession since it is so well made and so well performed. I would go as far as to say that this film must have been the product of divine intervention that had all the right pieces come together and that we will never see anything this good from a premise so horrifically cheesy ever again. While it will never rank among my all-time favorite romance films, Magnificent Obsession is a great romantic drama that can actually make you believe in its cheesy premise thanks to the superb acting and steady direction from Douglas Sirk. While sometimes the melodrama becomes a bit too covered in syrup, the film thankfully mostly avoids that pitfall and is rather engaging with just the right amount of tear-jerking drama to its dramatic scenes. It's a wonderfully made and very enjoyable romantic drama that is worth seeing if you love a film of this type.