Six months before his retirement from the criminal police, inspector Joss finds his colleague Gouvion dead, in a poorly faked suicide attempt. Joss loses his temper, and investigates on his own, which leads him through the bas-fond of Paris...

Six months before his retirement from the criminal police, inspector Joss finds his colleague Gouvion dead, in a poorly faked suicide attempt. Joss loses his temper, and investigates on his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pasha torrent reviews

Jason G (ag) wrote: Standard slasher, rationality not included.

Niklas S (us) wrote: If Zatoichi ever took upon an aprentice then the movie would have ended up something like this. It has the same plot as the classics, an angry overlord decides to get into power by using evil tactics. This time the character of "Zatoichi" isn't strong enough so he trains a succesor to do the work for him if he dies. Cool fights, good story and a lot of blood. What more can you ask for?

Kenneth G (nl) wrote: Nothing will be better then Happy Feet 1

Jo C (es) wrote: amazing as Jeunet's other films, this one i see reviews that say it is meaningless .. what the f?#$ maybe what the $$$$?? as it is about our continual parade of greed in our warmongering world; welcome to america where we make most of our money killing people or maiming them or setting 'them' up to do it themselves, which works til it backfires... really, he is funny, and it is twist filled and ingenious but it isn't just about how loss occurs or how conscience could live it is people taking a stand against those who have made this world so dangerous, and it lampoons them as greedy selfserving uncaring .. but the film doesn't kill them, it humiliates them so we can all have a good laugh. i am frankly shocked that the entire critical review world missed the point... hope you can enjoy this and find some rich moments as well. though it is hard to get as you cannot download it for a view . you can buy the online version or get the dvd.. ENJOY

Kjetil H (jp) wrote: En liten perle denne, makt ,gossip og mord i maktens korridorer i Washington sett gjennom den homofile overklasse srstats mannen sine yne,srt om ensomhet!!!

Adil S (us) wrote: Interesting movie from the award-winning director, Madhur Bhandarkar, who gave us the brilliant Page 3 before this one. He has used some of the same story telling style as in Page 3, so it is a little minus seen from a creativity point of view. Later, he gave us Traffic Signal which wasn?t that good. The story deals around the business/corporate world, where we find two rival companies, and what kind of sly methods they use to make profits. The story is actually inspired from PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company, where both of them are rivals in their business, and have been in the spotlight for lawsuits and use of dubious business practices.

eka a (nl) wrote: Haido and Gakuto... :S

Carl T (ca) wrote: While the main characters and villain certainly aren't all that interesting, the film takes more time to showcase its side characters who are the real stars of the film. This is Tim Burton's best visual aesthetic and given his roster of films, that's saying a lot.

Shradha A (us) wrote: i thought the old one was depressing, but this one was uber depressing but so well made! I think this is one of Ash's best performance - she made the character very real and believable

Grant W (it) wrote: A simple story presented in Scorsese's early-trademark style. This dark, murky and gritty tale gives history on what Little Italy once was and does not fall short on realism and great performances by the young veteran actors of Keital and De Niro.

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 77%Saw this on 19/9/16Though it is not made in the most effective manner, it is an unusually themed sci-fi film with an ambiguos mind set than net lets itself be caught until the end. Bruce Dern's performance has emotional depth albeit being overthetop. The music and cinematography are advantages of this film.

Nick W (it) wrote: Rock is THE MAN... Cult classic written by Gene 'Star Trek' Rodenberry. Best movie Vadim ever made. Dig it.

MEC r (mx) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Luke M (ag) wrote: Between the raw passion of Nicholas Cage and the uncompromising guiding hand of Mike Figgis, any complaints I could ever have otherwise found in Leaving Las Vegas are completely washed away.

Aymar J (it) wrote: First time I saw it, I thought it was largely forgettable. On second viewing, I realized it quite subtly captured the zeitgeist: yearning to connect, an inability to do so, an emotional authenticity, all wrapped up in a digital package. It's my research in 82 minutes.

Mark F (gb) wrote: I only caught the end of this and I'm not sure if I've seen it before. It didn't even really have the feel of a Bond film though and I wasn't that gripped by it. One star until I get a chance to watch it properly. Until then I shall think it weird.

Evan H (jp) wrote: this movie is pretty stupid. Will Ferrell ruins it! the movie has some good moments though (when Will isn't around!)

Nate T (us) wrote: Part of The Criterion Collection and on Blu-ray.