Paskutiniai Bremeno muzikantai

Paskutiniai Bremeno muzikantai

The story of four free-spirited musicians who try the way to fame paved by producer Leo.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Lithuanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   marriage,   obsession,  

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Paskutiniai Bremeno muzikantai torrent reviews

Dan H (mx) wrote: Kinda long and slow at times. Good acting worth a watch on a slow night.

John B (es) wrote: Not the best to come out of the French cinema lately but not a bad Sunday afternoon flick to think about self image.

Tor M (de) wrote: Maelstrom has that unique cinematical magic touch that lift a movie from good, to super. To me it balance beauty, humour and drama in a perfect way. It starts off with words written in Norwegian: "Vi ber om unnskyldning til alle vre norske venner. Filmen viser et bilde av Norge som er basert p klisjer. Vi skrev filmmanuset under hypnose. Vi beklager at alt i filmen er oppspinn". It's the producers apology for showing of Norway in an clicheful way, since they where under hypnosis while making it. It's also made sure that everything in the film is made up. This message was unnecessary, but still pretty cute and interesting for me as a Norwegian.Anyhow, the film itself reminded me a bit of Kieslowski's "Blue". Mostly caused by the use of color, the female lead and sometimes even the atmosphere created by camera use. It's quite slow in the beginning, but never boring. It's also quite short, so nothing seems dragged out. The music is another fine feature, completing the experience comebined with lovely images and acting qualities - the mood is great! Still, it felt a bit "all over the place" and it didn't had a serious grip on me, but when pieces eventually got put togheter it became super.It surely has that artistic layer being vaguely surreal. The fact that the narrator is a fish out of water is putting that discussion in to closure to be honest.A great piece of cinema in most ways, I truly recommend this Canadian gem.

Kathleen L (ca) wrote: The chemistry btw the actors in the film is off the charts. And the acting is excellent.

Deborah B (gb) wrote: A great spoof on old time westerns.

Adam R (au) wrote: A good mystery film about overcoming prejudices. Very strong performances from both Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier. (First and only viewing - 3/18/2010)

Sarah F (us) wrote: Glenn Ford is my favorite self-righteous cutie-pie hot head and Gloria Grahame is in top form. It my not be quite the same caliber as "The Big Heat" but its close and for any fan of either the movie, the two lead actors or Fritz Lang its thoroughly worth it.

Jessica D (us) wrote: Actually really good.

Ammar Z (au) wrote: A one-note on-the-lam saga that's primarily notable for its simplistic celebration of the outlaw life through endless shots of writer/director/star Jason Momoa in sunset silhouette.