Passe Livre

Passe Livre

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Passe Livre torrent reviews

Joshua L (jp) wrote: Not great but not bad either.

Thaddaeus D (au) wrote: a great story of a struggle that Christians go through believing their own faith in finding themselves in true faith

Ramn M (kr) wrote: muy corto pero no esta mal, de hecho funciona bien...5.5/10

Esteban S (mx) wrote: Not good, not really....Sometimes I can't understand critics!!

Fodor J (gb) wrote: Great WW2 drama from Norway.

Mark J (nl) wrote: The cowboy aspect I wasn't all into and it took me almost an hour to really be invested in this movie but the back half is so incredible and in the end I was appreciative of the film as a whole and it really covers some topics that I've never seen on screen before and moved me deeply.

Mark W (us) wrote: Okay, I'll admit it was an interesting concept and quite a well produced title, but the ending was a major cop-out! That is probably the biggest let-down... the characters are good and seemingly well defined and our villanous "Trickster" is quite incredible too... However, all does turn a little sour when it comes time to close the picture., but up till then you find yourself on a cushy little suspense adventure.

Ann Q (fr) wrote: It is pretty much the young man's paradise: beautiful women seducing you at your very convenience on one hand and on another, an attempt to show the change of mindsets in 1931 Spain. With all that, we get a half-baked dish which could use a more reactive lead.

Veniea T (au) wrote: I hope that it is good

Bruno D (br) wrote: When Zach Snyder wasn't a half bad director he made pretty great movies such as the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Great movie and is one of the better remakes.