Passer passer piger

Passer passer piger

Caretaker Alf Thomsen's very effective "alarm clock" comes once again in operation, and has again succeeded in getting him up to speed, despite their incessant discussions back and forth. Everything is peaceful and idyllic. Sleeping city housing block, with the famous staircase is to embark on a new day

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

Superviceværten Alf Thomsens (Dirch Passer) meget effektive "vækkeur" træder atter i funktion, og har igen held med at få ham op på mærkerne, trods deres evindelige diskussioner frem og tilbage. Alt ånder fred og idyl. Sovebyens boligkarré, med den kendte opgang, er ved at tage hul på en ny dag . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blake C (ca) wrote: Even fans of Adam Sandler can admit that this movie just flat out sucks. This movie does actually have a better plot than the first movie, but is that really saying much? This movie just has worse actors and a cheesy plot. The "Grown Ups" franchise has now died off.

Coralie P (us) wrote: very B grade acting but a nice little story good for the family or rather mum & kids to watch dad will probably roll his eyes

Derrick S (nl) wrote: this movie is the shit. it's hilarious, has some odd moments, has midgets beating everyone up, heroin-junkies, satanists.

bill s (de) wrote: A blitz of bullcrap.

Andy P (br) wrote: If you can forgive the plot contrivances and the fact it might be a bit over long, you'll find a warm and often quite amusing film with some serious social critique behind the family sentiments.

Ellesse H (kr) wrote: I remember this ABC movie...

Jordan P (br) wrote: In an attempt to showcase death itself as the true antagonist of horror, unrealistic gore and uninspired, predictable plotting overwhelm the promising setup and thought-provoking message Final Destination has to offer, squandering an intriguing concept for a unique franchise as a result.

Al H (us) wrote: Muy buena pelcula espaola de ciencia ficcin sobre una epidemia llamada "pnico"

Ian B (ru) wrote: As Good As It Gets is simply as good as it gets! In a fusion of drama and comedy, writer-director James L. Brooks defines the light humor we must use to approach our lives - through success and failure. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt give extraordinarily subtle and charismatic performances in their unlikely coupling, which only enhance the film's truthful tone on the complicated nature of human interaction.

Andrew D (nl) wrote: I haven't seen many of the episodes from the series that this movie was based. However, I still thought that this was a decent little horror flick. The film is a horror anthology with a frame story involving a Hansel and Gretel-esque plot with a young boy named Timmy who's trapped by an evil cook who plans to cook him up and serve him for dinner. To keep the evil woman at bay, Timmy tells her three tales of terror from a book called "Tales from the Darkside." The first story is about a jealous college student who acquires a mummy with a scroll that brings it to life and kills anyone he wants (sort of like The Golem). The second story follows a hitman who's target is an innocent looking black cat. Little does he know that the cat is a cold blooded murderer. The final story is mostly a love story involving a man who witnesses a creature kill his friend. To spare his life, he promises to never tell anyone about what he just witnessed. Like any anthology series, some stories are better than others. If anyone were to ask me, I'd say that the stories get progressively worse. The first story was easily the best of the three. Steve Buscemi does a great job portraying the revenging college student and is a lot of fun to watch. I also enjoyed the kills that the mummy does because they're very clever and creative. The next story was just plain silly. I wanted to like it because it comes from a story by Stephen King and the screenplay was written by George A. Romero. Sadly, it just doesn't seem to translate well to film because what happens in it just seems hysterical. I was laughing the hardest at what happened to the hitman because of the cheesy effects! The final story was the worst of the three. I don't know why it was called a horror story. There was barely any horror in it. Plus, the relationship between the male and female leads was unrealistic and not believeable at all! I will give a hand to the story though for making a good twist ending. I didn't see it coming and it made me happy. The way that the frame story ends is easy to predict from the moment when you realize what it's referencing. Overall, this film is a fun little watch at night. Don't expect to be scared from it, but I think that you'll still have a good time watching it.

Sanjid P (au) wrote: A very solid Brit Psycho-thriller; love the disclaimer at the beginning.

Maxwell S (fr) wrote: I believe this is one of the top 20 greatest films ever made. Not only in my personal sense, but as far as accomplished/literate films go. If any director attempted to even use the basic concept of the film (with the circus act), it wouldn't have been a film that would've mattered, let alone a great one. But, Ophuls completely makes it much more complex than expected. When that happens to this film, it needs a pitch-perfect sense of proportion. Obviously, that has been achieved beyond recognition. Like all great films, it has it's complete balance of a general and personal perspective on things. Enough about it's masterful construction, I could go on for days. Going into this film, most should know that the cinematography is going to be extraordinary. Max Ophuls has been known for his pristine track shot, which hasn't worn a bit for this film. And what the camera captures is astounding. It is a symphony of beauty, that last every second throughout the film, literally. What really shows how great this film is, is that the cinematography doesn't outweigh the film itself, like so many other films have. Though, this film is the epitome of a visual films. I feel "Madame De..," (even though I've been praising this so much, "Madame De..." is even better of a film [top 5 greatest ever]) is the closest the French will come to "Citizen Kane". But, "Lola Montes" has something on "Madame De...", which is it's addition of color. It isn't just the fact that it is color, it's the whole concept of it. Being Ophuls' only color film, it shows his urge to explore this new element, and it couldn't have been more beautiful. Another side note, Ophuls' constantly perfect leading actresses, and I believe that Martine Carol just might be the most intriguing of the bunch. I know I am blandly expressing my love for this film, but I believe it is underestimated in cinema, and urge every insightful cinephile to watch this.

Victor M (ag) wrote: an incredibly underrated classic

judymae s (nl) wrote: it was really a good movie. would watch it again

Janelle C (it) wrote: Twin grandchildren of a long line of chiefs have been born, a dream of the chief, a young one to take over the tribe and learn the ways and traditions of their ancestors. Falling short of the chiefs dreams when the male twin passes away at birth leaving only the female grandchild and his son, who has no interest in being the leader. Raising his granddaughter with his wife while his son leads a life away from the tribe seems fulfilling yet the void of needing a leader takes over. Although his granddaughter tries for his approval as a leader, the young girl is pushed aside by the chief. She proves herself over and over, with a final act that can't be ignore no matter how much the chief attempts to look away. This general plot shows true in so many traditions and religions in not only the past but in the future as well. Many religions want and some even insist on the first born to be a boy. Some religions calling for the sacrifice of a child if they are first born and a female. Showing the authority and dominance of the male over the female and ensuring that the male takes the throne or chief role. The movie shows a weakness of the chief but not out in the open, just behind closed doors. A leader, chief, king, or ruler is not to show weakness to his followers, he is supposed to prove to be the go to man, the answer to the questions, the word of the tribe, the knowledge of the community. Slowly stepping out of the male lead roles in the United States, does not mean that this is how it is all over the world. Males dominate the female in most other areas of the world, along with the strong leaders of religion being male. A great movie, I really enjoyed it and was very touched by the amazing story.