Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio

Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio

A photographer named Kitty (Susan Scott) watched through a tourist telescope the killing of a woman through the window of a nearby house. She is unable to get a clear view of the killer's ...

Ketty,a photographer living in Rome,accidentally witnesses the murder of a young woman at the hands of a razor-wielding black-gloved killer.Ketty and her fiance,Alberto,go to the police-only to learn that two other witnesses to the crime have been slashed to death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio torrent reviews

Aaron O (ag) wrote: This was decent, maybe because it had mr miyagi in it.

Charles S (us) wrote: This was the most disturbing and creepy documentary I've ever watched. The main reason for wanting to marry his "ideal mate" was because she looked really Chinese?

Brent C (br) wrote: Definitely not the best movie of this sub-genre, but its passable.

Lotti K (br) wrote: Funny & filthy indie flick with great script, fantastic cast & a lot of heart.

Emily J (es) wrote: What a strange film. I couldn't make out the style: the wooden acting, the bizarre 'comedy' moments. I think it was perhaps taking the piss out of a certain genre I'm unfamiliar with. I wasn't bored, though, just fascinated at such a strange style of film with peculiar attempts at comedy.

Magdalena L (nl) wrote: I found the final collage a bit pretentious, but otherwise a great movie of the "crazy" genre. :)

Mikael K (fr) wrote: ??Altiplano?? has everything a movie needs: it??s emotionally effective and politically relevant while being artistically ambitious and accomplished. It??s nearly too perfect in its way of combining the most effective cinematic devices in depicting a story worth telling to the whole world, but avoids a calculated feel with raw, real characters and a suitably restrained overall presentation. The imagery is tenderly beautiful, expressing a union of lyrical subtlety and strength. The same goes for the story; not too often is a film this devastatingly harsh and direct as well as aesthetically perfected and moving. ??Altiplano?? is inspired by true events involving a western company that was responsible for a devastating ecological disaster in South America. It very poignantly and urgently reminds us that our western lifestyle of excess requires nonconsentual sacrifices from people who??ll never get to share our material wealth.The role of big transcontinental companies in this is under special scrutiny: it??s a sad fact that these companies operate as selfish economical agents, their actions are based on numbers and their sole purpose of being is the acquisition of profit. Whenever a company does anything in a place where its consumer base is not watching, ethical considerations and image issues are not important. After all it??s illogical for an agent after optimum profit to pour resources into developing ethical behavior when there??s no measurable payback. Tragedy of the commons on a global scale, and nobody notices anything.Well okay, sometimes it does get noticed- hence this film exists- but it really makes one wonder how much of this is going on all around the world all the time with us consumers having absolutely no clue about it.

Cynthia J (ag) wrote: I got this and it's off the chain as all of Tyler's movies/plays are. He is just funny! simply put!

Grant T (kr) wrote: A little kid will enjoy it

Adam F (gb) wrote: The story of "Steamboy" isn't as deep or moving as it thinks it is but when it comes to the visuals, this animated steampunk adventure is creative and exciting for the most part. The story is set in 19th Century Europe, where steam-powered technology is everywhere. Our main character Ray Steam (voiced by Anna Paquin), is a young inventor following in his father's footsteps when he receives a strange object. It appears to be a container no larger than a bowling ball that holds near infinite pressurized steam. It quickly becomes obvious that this device is highly sought after from everyone that has any stakes in steam technology. Instructed by his grandfather to guard it, Ray has to figure out who he can trust and confront his father, who is hell-bent on using the technology for military purposes. If you're a fan of the steampunk genre, the visuals are going to be absolute heaven for you. There is no shortage of crazy machinery, gadgets, weaponry and vehicles that are sort of analogous to our electricity-based technology today but they're all designed in a way that makes them totally unique. There are long scenes where we get to see the characters moving through enormous machines, examining the different mechanisms, valves and pipes that feed steam to the pistons and turn the gears. No two devices are the same and with the second half of the film being almost entirely set inside a giant, steam-powered behemoth of a vehicle, there's a nice variety of locations too. With the animation department at work pulling in all the stops, it's really dazzling to see and there is never a single frame that isn't beautiful. The character models are crisp, the computer imagery is well blended with the hand-drawn stuff and if any shortcuts were taken, you'll be hard-pressed to spot them. On the visuals alone, it's worth checking out. A big problem with the film is that there's just too much. This film feels like a miniseries that's been condensed into a film, with a prequel and a sequel already pre-planned (check out the ending credits to see what I mean) and no idea left on the drawing-room floor. The film is over two hours long, and that's the English dub, which has been cut by 15 minutes! It gets to a point where the action starts to become boring because the final sequence, the one where Ray gets his "jetpack" together and confronts the big threat of the film last for over thirty minutes. The sense of urgency just disappears when you're asked to be on the edge of your seat for that long. Eventually, you just want it to get to the point. The film also focuses on too many characters, some of which seem unnecessary. Ray is actually quite a bland hero, not nearly as interesting as his grandfather (voiced by Patrick Stewart). It felt like the movie had Ray involved solely because the studio in charge didn't feel like an idealistic old man who was hell-bent on preventing technology that was close to him from being used for military purposed was a bankable idea. As for Ray, he spends most of the movie following the orders of the grown-ups around him and doesn't really have a strong opinion on anything until he hears someone else tell him what he should be thinking. His grandfather Lloyd though, now this guy is great. The inclusion of Scarlet O'Hara (yes the character from "Gone with the Wind", seen here as a 14-year-old spoiled rich brat) is a big head-scratcher too. Her character contributes very little to the story and could have been cut entirely. It would have remove some weird crossover ideas too. Maybe in Japan they just thought the name was cool and put her in the film, but someone at the English dub department should have changed the name at the very least.Overall, the movie is a disappointment coming from Katsuhiro Otomo, the director of the truly remarkable "Akira". It's not that the movie is bad, but it's not that amazing steampunk movie all of those cosplayers and inventors have been waiting for. It's pretty impressive visually, and entertaining overall, but just slightly above average when it comes to the overall movie. "Steamboy" misses a lot of potential, but it's entertaining enough to rent. (English Dub on Dvd, June 29, 2013)

Hae H (ru) wrote: A must see for 'This Is England' fans...not as hard hitting but still has gritty moments. Perfect soundtrack too.

James R (fr) wrote: A good flick, but a tremendous performance from Jason Lee really knocks it up a notch.Plus you can't go wrong with some Jason Mewes.

Scott M (gb) wrote: Although the acting was first rate, this film is dark and disturbing. On a positive note, the subculture Romper Stomper depicted, was not shown to be something appealing or desirable.

Frances H (us) wrote: Not as good as the early Bonds with Connery. (Diamonds Are Forever wasn't either.) The really good ones were Goldfinger, Dr. No and From Russia With Love. Only the Daniel Craig Bonds can match them. But if you haven't seen this one before, it's worth a watch.

Allan C (nl) wrote: John Huston is perfectly matched to film an adaptation of the colorful Flannery O'Connor southern gothic. Huston adds more overt comedy to the story, along with a banjo film score, but it works well and compliments the twisted nature of O'Connor's tale. Brad Dourif is terrific in the lead as a returning war veteran who has lost his belief traditional religion and sets out to create his own new religion. This quest takes him on an odd journey where he meets a very strange cast of characters including Harry Dean Stanton as a blind street preacher and Ned Beatty as a hustler looking to make a quick buck off of Dourif. It's always nice to dee Dourif in a serious role, since in recent years he seems to be mostly working in disreputable horror films ("Lord of the Rings" being a notable recent exception). This is must see viewing for Huston and O'Connor fans!

Greg W (kr) wrote: In this quintessential Danny Kaye vehicle, which won the special effects Oscar, the star plays the first of his several screen twins, a shy intellectual and a club entertainer.

Lilo C (ru) wrote: Based on the real life Dr. John Schneeberger, a Canadian doctor convicted of using drugs to rape two patients. If you think this Movie was boring and the plot stupid, you are A MORON. Pay attention or leave if it bores you Dammit.

Konrad A (kr) wrote: This is a true story and for having it be a true story I would say it was a good movie. If you like animals you might like this movie. I think it's great how they saved a dolphin and the dolphin named winter survived. The graphics were good and it was beautiful scenery in this movie the music was pleasant. Kids will love this movie! If you like dolphins or animals this could be the right movie for you!! And don't forget they made dolphin tale 2 so the story continues!