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Passiflora torrent reviews

Chase D (au) wrote: It wasn't bad bad. It just wasn't that good.

Nikhil V (br) wrote: it's a cute movie! :)

Kyle G (au) wrote: Amateur and pretty weak, only momentarily landing any bold or funny moments. Its overall below-average style is evidenced right out of the gate by hangdog clich-indulgence and by the lame, procedural hitting of plot points. Then, in the main "finding Amanda" storyline (whoa -- interesting title, dude!), Matthew Broderick's character grasps vainly for some interesting Leaving Las Vegas profundity and fumbles it hardcore.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: A 50-something musician, out of favour with the government and no longer able to play the gigs he's capable of - the ones that pay best, of course - and accepts a payment to marry a Russian woman so she can leave the Soviet Union. Along with her comes a son, and when she flees for West Germany, she leaves the boy behind. What follows is the story of the bond created between man and boy reluctantly cast into a father-son relationship. There's plenty of honest comedy and touching moments as the two become close, despite not even speaking the same language, and the fall of communism and the independence of Czechoslovakia colour in the background to make for a wonderful film.

Michael T (it) wrote: Far-fetched and predictable.

Altered E (fr) wrote: A young Seth Green and Alfonso Ribeiro (From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) are the only part of this movie worth watching unironically. Every other aspect of this production is accidentally hilarious.

Caleb M (ag) wrote: While Blood Diner has a lot of fun going as over-the-top as it possibly can, it never manages to be as funny or entertaining as it is excessive. There's a lot of fun to be had here: talking brains, vomiting truckers, topless cheerleaders, an ancient Egyptian goddess and enough dismembered limbs to fill a warehouse, yet it never comes together in just the right way.

Patrick T (fr) wrote: This is a movie that really showcases the best of Alyssa Milano...