Passing By

Passing By

When straight-laced Jefferson finds out his drug-dealing brother is dead, he returns to São Paulo with his childhood friend to identify the body. The journey raises memories of their shared childhood and poses a choice for their future.

Jefferson and Washington are brothers, and have a common friend, Kennedy, whom they've known since they were kids. Jefferson enters the military life, but Washington and Kennedy turn to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne R (ca) wrote: Beautifully shot film that shows what true love is capable of. A Swedish film with English subtitles about Mia, a thirty-something well-to-do architect (Ruth Vega Fernandez) who finds her life turned upside down when she unexpectedly falls in love with the free-spirited Frida (Liv Mjones). More surprising is that Mia is engaged to her boyfriend of seven years Tim (J. Natteerqvist). The two women meet at an engagement party in the country - Frida's mother is about to marry Mia's father so that will turn them into stepsisters! An incredible story and let me say the acting, scenery, wardrobe, the directing was terrific. Written and directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining, this is a gem that shows how far a person in love is willing to go to prove that love. Available in HD on Netflix instant streaming and found listed on their most popular category. Recommended!

leane e (ca) wrote: not bad at all i havent been keeping up with the afterdark stuff like i used to cuz it kinda went crappy i was hating more of the 8 flicks they would release then i was liking any of them so i kinda went into the dont bother mode with them but i happened to catch this movie on sci fi before it was released on dvd and it turned out to be a pretty good B movie and lauren holly and lance henriksen were in this and i always liked those too and this movie had some fairly good effects and make up so the banshee looked pretty cool

Katty S (fr) wrote: This is a perfect example of how the sequel could be better than the original. I have watched the movie several times and still keep finding something new; clues I might have missed before. Definitely re-watchable movie, can be funny and thrilling and suspenseful at the same time, despite the sense of inevitability which is the ending scene. Robert Downey jr. as usual masterfully brings life into his character. I could actually "see" Sherlock's thinking process without him saying a word.

Kaveh S (jp) wrote: Lack of good acting and the shallow story telling to some extent ruined the experience otherwise it could be a deep sad movie. The director also failed to deliver the message in some of the key scenes. I loved the choice of music and shootings.

Michelle D (gb) wrote: I would like to see more movies like this as it keeps my attention through the entire film. I am proud to have this in my movie collection.

Elisabeth B (it) wrote: saw this movie a while back and loved it!!

Kelley C (au) wrote: not a great movie, but i'm a big fan of sanaa lathan

Sibi A (us) wrote: Excellent acting by Mr Bale as always..he has his own teeth and his own accent in this flick!

Nate H (ag) wrote: The highlights are definitely the concert scenes; guest spots from Keith Richards, Julian Lennon and Clapton make for a surreal but fun show. Everything else is interesting and shot well but Chuck doesn't seem to want anyone to get past the surface.

david s (ca) wrote: Well deserved obscurity. Hackneyed formula for Hackman. Despite the true Moroccan desert location, still doesn't convey the pitiless viciousness of the desert itself, whose power to destroy those who do not adapt is the key to the drama. Good money on authentic props wasted by unconvincing cowboy/indian action. Supposed to be about the Pity of war and its effect on Good People, the futility of colonialism and culture clash. Enormous potential for modern metaphor and repudiation of the Wild West totally blown.

Rusty G (de) wrote: Love it! I take it out every time I want to feel what it was like to cruise chicks in the early '70s. It's color is great and the movie is pure mind numbing fun.

Tom S (gb) wrote: Fun musical remake of Ninotchka, but the original can't be bettered even by Astaire and Charisse.

Samuel B (es) wrote: I enjoyed this one, and if you liked 'The Lady Vanishes,' you will like this one. This was even earlier, released in 1940, and at that point the War was still raging. The whole time I kept thinking how Rex Harrison reminded me of Jemaine Clement, and kept picturing him in that role, and Paul Henreid really reminded me of Kevin Spacey too...strange. Margaret Lockwood reminds me of someone too, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I do enjoy the

Sarah G (fr) wrote: Interesting premise. Cheap thrills and a lot of ass-kicking.

Cameron F (us) wrote: For a film that is supposed to be a comedy it's too politically sophisticated and smart to be funny,I mean there are some funny moments here and there like the banter between many of the characters is hilarious but still.

Sarah H (de) wrote: It is pretty funny. You have to be a little more familiar with Stephen King in order to appreciate it. I hated the guy who was in the Army, his character didn't make sense at all to me, but then again I know what the hell is going on.