The rivalry between the manipulative boss of an advertising agency and her talented protégée escalates from stealing credit to public humiliation to murder.

The film is the story of two successful and famous women in the international market, Christine and Isabelle. They are close friends until the two people involved in an international transaction. Christine meets the man of her dreams, but unexpectedly, she sees her beloved is sleeping with her best friend, Isabelle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ven K (nl) wrote: poor acting, poor story,movie is messed up, there is nothing much happening in the movie......I say waste of time

Jimmy H (it) wrote: John Q anyone? Looks like a pleasent watch.

Jacob H (es) wrote: This flm was pretty entertaining with awesome actors!!

kan T (kr) wrote: zorla fin dusmani yapacaklar beni

Jarvouya R (ru) wrote: its a feel good sports movie i really enjoyed the casts(including terrence howard,bernie mac & kimberly elise). is a inspired of a true story of a swimmer

Thomas E (ag) wrote: I'm ashamed of being white

Seth A (de) wrote: Give me that remote!

Ola G (nl) wrote: A joint Anglo-American plot is devised to steal a highly advanced Soviet fighter aircraft (MiG-31, NATO code name "Firefox") which is capable of Mach 6, is invisible to radar, and carries weapons controlled by thought. Former United States Air Force Major Mitchell Gant (Clint Eastwood), a Vietnam veteran and former POW, infiltrates the Soviet Union, aided by his ability to speak Russian (due to his having had a Russian mother) and a network of Jewish dissidents and sympathizers, three of whom are key scientists working on the fighter itself. His goal is to steal the Firefox and fly it back to friendly territory for analysis. However, the KGB has got wind of the operation and is already hot on Gant's tail...I am surprised to say that I havent seen "Firefox" before, which is kind of strange since I have seen so many Clint Eastwood movies throughout the years. Initially theres some sort of suspense in "Firefox", but with a classic sort of 80s suspense that worked well in 1982 and maybe not so well in 2014. However, Eastwoods adaptation of Craig Thomas cold war espionage thriller is quite blend, clichd, way too long, filled with several plot holes and hardly Eastwoods finest hour as an actor or director.

Movies m (ca) wrote: Mariel has been in three lesbian related films. Also, one not on here, In Her Line of Fire, and Personal Best.

Robb A (jp) wrote: A memorable hero, an intriguing god-like character depicted by Edward James Olmos, and a great soundtrack, all come together to remind us the possition of mexican-americans in the U.S. society of the 1940s.

Emily B (jp) wrote: Good little film about the life of Joe Orton. Alfred Molina is great as his lover Kenneth Halliwell. Plus an excellent script by Alan Bennet.

Henry E (es) wrote: Worth a place alongside Aardman's Chicken Run, The Pirates! is a marvellously entertaining adventure sure to appeal to young and old audiences. Although the plot is a little wobbly-wobbly in places, the film more than makes up for it with glorious animation, a hilarious voice performance from Hugh Grant and a vast collection of diverse jokes. Through in a Flight of the Conchords number and you have yourself one delightful family outing.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Although I was not the most impressed by Wall Street and Oliver Stone is one of my least favourite film directors, I had expectations to be impressed by Michael Douglas to be returning to his Academy Award winning role as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is clearly an unnecessary sequel. The story of Gordon Gekko was told in Wall Street and that was where it finished, so it really did not need a sequel to come next. And not just that, but the general plot structure of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps goes in the same direct path that its predecessor did. This means that the movie is not surprising and is rather predictable. While it could have been an interesting story about Gordon Gekko managing himself in the 2001 contemporary society different from the one he spent his life in, the way that the subject matter is treated proves to be too thin. Despite the fact that Gordon Gekko has just spent 8 years in prison, the film does not emphasise nearly any aspects of drama that come with him having gone through prison and merely plays it off and moves on which is fairly shallow. The characters in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps are interesting, but the story itself is not great and has little in the way of originality because the majority of the film is spent flipping back and forth between the world of investing and the personal lives of the main characters. Although both stories are somewhat interesting, they don't tie into each other all that well and so both of them end up rather slow and a bit dull. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of legal thrillers or political films because they require excessive amounts of talking and so the fact that Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has a plot about its characters' personal lives that runs parallel to the main concept did help to entertain me a little bit more, but it was still imperfect.Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ended up being a half decent film. Since I saw Wall Street as a very overrated film, I didn't have the highest standards for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and did not really find myself disappointed. Although I expected that as a sequel it would be poor, it was actually pretty decent. It was an unnecessary sequel and it changes the story of Gordon Gekko to end up having him go through a moral lesson, and this gives me mixed feelings. While Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps puts the famous movie villain Gordon Gekko in situations where he has to consider his own humanity and be a half decent person, this is not essential to his own story. The man was meant to be a cruel, sadistic and merciless man who was obsessed with Greed, and his famous saying is "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good." In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps his antagonistic nature is shaken with the addition of a soppy dramatic element. If Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was never made, he would have forever been cemented in history as a great film villain and the symbol of the relentless and corrupt nature of corporate greed and the people who cause it, but in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps he suddenly shows signs of humanity. The film manages to execute the drama well, but it just was not necessary and is not great for the character. But since Oliver Stone went ahead and did it anyway, all we can do is live with it. And the way that the story executes the character's development was actually done well. So all in all, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps handles its story fairly well, but it just was not a story that needed to be told. At least Oliver Stone treated it well with good dramatisation and a script full of strong dialogue, as well as a lot of nice scenery and some strong cinematography.But the finest asset of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is the talents of its cast.Michael Douglas returns to his iconic role with as much charisma as ever. Although Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps does not challenge him all that much, he steps back into the role of Gordon Gekko with great energy and finds a fine balance between portraying him as both a man who genuinely cares about his family and a man who wants to rule the stock market with his corporate greed. It is actually easier to sympathise for him in this film because he is more humane this time, and although the return of the character after Wall Street is not all that necessary, the performance of Michael Douglas in the role is just great. Michael Douglas is what makes Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps worth seeing, and his performance is just spot on with edgy line delivery and a serious awareness of what he is doing in the part.Shia LaBeouf is also impressive. Although known for portraying neurotic teenager Sam Witwicky in the Transformers trilogy, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps sees him stepping up to a mature adult role and it is very impressive how well he performs. The material in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is very political and is all about talking, and he consistently contributes a powerful line delivery. He interacts with the surrounding cast with a powerful intensity, and he holds his own on the screen very well. His best moments are when he interacts with Michael Douglas as their chemistry is intense. So Shia LaBeouf is terrific in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which is one of his way better performances.Carey Mulligan is a genial presence because she is a very sweet character who is easy to sympathise for, and her chemistry with Shia LaBeouf is terrific.Josh Brolin has an attitude in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which suggests that he is all about getting things done regardless of what it takes, and therefore he serves as a younger and more contemporary version of Gordon Gekko. It is good to contrast the two characters, and Josh Brolin captures his part really well with a strong sense of confidence in him and a line delivery while not stepping out of his general way of thinking which is always singularly focused. Josh Brolin stays on a direct path to success in his role in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.Susan Sarandon's small supporting role was great as well because her two main scenes show her aspiring with confidence and dominance in one while in sudden despair in the next. While viewers don't get to witness the transition, it is very believable because of her natural charisma in the role. Susan Sarandon's supporting effort is a surely powerful one and shows just how well she can do within a very brief period of screen time.Charlie Sheen's small cameo was also a nice touch, as was Frank Langella's small role.So although Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is an unnecessary sequel and doesn't bring too much new to the table, Oliver Stone's grip on the film is firm and the cast is very talented.

Batman S (it) wrote: When a stranger calls, just hang up.