Passione sinistra

Passione sinistra

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Pathmanathan D (kr) wrote: Social issues make this movie a must watch. Songs, background music and screenplay in the second half was excellent.Rating - 3.5/5

Alli A (au) wrote: This is by far some of the worst cgi effects I have seen, I actually thought it was made 1997 and not 2007 mostly because of the effects, having not seen the first Lake Placid and not knowing of its release year. This film is shockingly bad and I would not recommend it to anyone, unless of course you are having a bad movie night. In that case this film can probably create some laughs for you and some friends.

koala b (jp) wrote: BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David J (ag) wrote: quasi-autobiographical story about Asia Argento's trials and experiences being an icon in Europe and trying to direct her first film (which i guess is pretty much a boy's club in Italy) times good, at times not that good, but of note....

Larry S (au) wrote: Even in a so-so movie, Penelope Cruz radiates. Just watched this on Netflix. I saw it ten years ago at the movies. Not great, but Penelope is always worth watching.

Benjamin G (fr) wrote: A fantastic movie on what is the unglamorous realty of the so-called entrepreneurial mafia. Risi is full of anger for a system whose inefficiency enriches the wise guys and kill the poor.And since it got even worse?

Nicholas a (ag) wrote: It was really funny but really stupid at the same time

Michael T (nl) wrote: Engrossing fictional account of the Leopold-Loeb murder.