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Carlos M (gb) wrote: What first seems like a simple documentary turns out to be a complex and deeply sad portrait of an old couple of artists whose creative force derives from their many differences and conflicts together, with their art revealing a lot about their resentment and unhappiness.

Grace O (ag) wrote: An EPIC sci-fi comedy!!

Tush U (au) wrote: Final battle was Eon was great

Andrew O (nl) wrote: Both fantastically amusing and surprisingly good-looking, I only wish Iron Sky had such alluring factors in its script and direction, for then we surely would have had one Hell of an entertaining treat.

Pruthuvi Maheshakya W (ag) wrote: Better than expected.

Adam K (ca) wrote: It's a feature length documentary, about one of the greatest bands ever. Any questions?

Sally Z (es) wrote: There was about six months where, no matter what movie you went to see in the theater, they showed a preview for this movie. If I ever had wanted to see it (it initially looked kinda interesting and creepy), that desire was killed by over-advertising.

John W (br) wrote: Uwe Boll should be castrated for what he has done to movies

Mattias E (ag) wrote: Basically a clone of the first part of the series. And if Gordon Chan had paid as much attention to the comedy as the action sequence in the final reel, it might also have been equally funny.

Calvin C (ca) wrote: This true story about a husband convicted of trying to murder his wife, only to be found not guilty in two retrials is told by the coma-induced wife played by Glenn Close. It was like I was watching a dark satire of this real life event. I am not sure if Jeremy Irons was playing for laughs, but his Claus Von Bulow is one creepy, weird, dude with a funny accent that got Irons a Best Actor Oscar. This is also a great law drama with Ron Silver and his team of law students trying to get Von Bulow off the hook. Ron Silver is the other great part of this movie and it almost feels like it is his movie. I loved the what if scenarios and the director leaves it up to the viewer to decide if Von Bulow was guilty or not. I guess only Claus and his wife know the answer. The last scene just adds to the weirdness of Irons' performance and the the film itself. Grade: B+

Mike C (fr) wrote: The New Barbarians is a classic Italian Post Apocalyptic bad movie which features perennial Italian movie star Fred Williamson who is armed with absurd exploding arrows. Great to watch with friends and make fun of it ala Mystery Science Theater!

Tom R (us) wrote: If im honest not really a classic, in fact pretty poor, but entertaining anyway. None of the brilliant cast really shined like they have in other work. Then again David Niven, Telly Savalas, Elliot Gould and Rpger Moore all in one film and I was always going to give it a look. In all and enjoyable viewing experience but I would never go out of my way to catch it!

Kyle H (nl) wrote: It's entourage just s longer episode haha...still enjoyed it