Passport to Paris

Passport to Paris

Sent to Paris to visit their grandfather, the twins fall in love with France, not to mention two French boys.

Knowing twin sisters, Melanie and Allyson Porterneed to broaden their horizons and see the world, their parents send them to Paris to visit their grandfather. There they fall in love with France, not to mention two French boys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurent G (gb) wrote: way too long to start and so predictable. big disapointment

Becca A (ru) wrote: A life without decency is unbearable.

Bex K (de) wrote: it's crap, but not crap enough to be funny.

Brandon A (au) wrote: How does a movie so beautifully directed and plotted end up contradicting it's own message? Well, Traitor seems to do that. Perfectly.The first thing you'll notice during your first watch is the film's perspective on its characters. For once, we see things through the eyes and mind of a terrorist. And to be truthful, it's pretty damn realistic. For a movie that starts out promising something as deeply-plotted and dramatic as it sets out to be, Traitor seems to perform a complete 180 right during the halfway point.The movie sets you up by sympathizing with the main character, Samir, played by the legendary Don Cheadle. As the movie places you with the terrorist organization Samir is dedicated to, you begin to realize the true motifs and philosophies of a terrorist. Now, take the other half of the story, the FBI's story. They're portrayed as hot-headed, persistent, and blank-as-a-wooden-board. You do not care for them. Even Guy Pearce, one of my all-time favorite actors, couldn't bring the slightest interest or care from me.*SPOILERS AHEAD*So, the terrorist group's plan is to place 30+ suicide bombers into America and have them all blow up on transit buses across the country, all at the same time. As evil as this may sound, the movie's perspective WANTS you to want these terrorists to fall through with the plan. You WANT exploding buses. You WANT the Americans to pay for their crimes. And no, this is not what I, ME, would want, but the movie makes you sympathize with the terrorists. You feel bad for the "bad guys." But no, this is where the movie decides to disregard everything. The ending scene shows the plan just about to follow through, and the big twist was one that ruins the entire plot. Don Cheadle's character was actually a TRAITOR (wow, just like the name!). Yes, he had spent his entire life devoted to the terrorists, became them, killed innocents for them, but NOPE. He's actually the GOOD GUY! He is the hero! He actually placed all the suicide bombers on the same bus! It doesn't make sense. Nothing in this movie makes sense, and it's all because of the ending. I feel as though this movie was caught by Hollywood producers and decided to give it a "good guys win" ending. But... the entire movie made you believe the good guys (FBI) were actually the BAD GUYS. So... why make THEM win in the end? It's contradictory and ruins the entire purpose of the film. Also there's an infinite number of plot holes. All I can say about that.The only good things I can bring about this movie are its realistic settings and the incredible themes it could have presented, if only it didn't contradict itself. What potential this could have had.

Joey D (kr) wrote: The only redeeming quality is Donald Sutherland's dead-on portrayal of an old man slowly degenerating to scenility.

Kenny N (au) wrote: No stars. Kelly Clarkson had no acting ambitions and only made this movie because it was in the record contract she won on "American Idol." Isn't that a tragedy? To be FORCED to star in a movie? I'm not being facetious here, I just can't imagine what kind of twisted, ruthless system would put somebody in that position. And Kelly ably protests her forced participation in this by acting, quite literally, like she couldn't care less about her character, her co-stars, or anything else that's going on in this movie. And I do not blame her one bit. This movie sucks on every level. The songs suck, the acting sucks (even from a then unknown Anika Noni Rose. Guess she didn't want to do this either) and everything else is too pedestrian to comment on. "American Idol's" gone now, but it's first and only foray into the world of film will be remembered as one of the most appalling crimes ever committed to movie musicals.


Brian P (es) wrote: bad movie i wouldnt recommend watching this

Edie F (gb) wrote: Utterly hypnotic -- a visual treat. I tried to rent it from Netflix after having seen it in the theater when it first came out, but they didn't have it. Bummer! I remember this as one of the best movies I ever saw.

Matt D (kr) wrote: Fact: At one point in this film Marlon Brando uses butter for lube.Side note: I may never eat toast again. 'Last Tango in Paris' is sort of a mixed bag for me. The first act is chock full of the typical European art film tropes of the 60s and 70s that usually only succeed at making me roll my eyes but luckily things perk up once Brando is allowed to do more than look sad.Bertolucci has some interesting things to say about a variety of different relationships and the film moves along quite nicely until the slightly over-the-top finale that kind of brings the film back to eye rolling territory.Also of notes is how much seeing Brando in this made me appreciate his performance in 'The Godfather' (released the same year) even more! He really truly ages himself believably by at least 20 years as Don Corleone, which makes his Oscar even more worthy.

Michael T (us) wrote: Why did Hammer send poor Christopher Lee's Dracula to endure modern London in DRACULA AD 1972? Part of the reason lies with the success of Wiliam Marshall as an undead African prince in AIP's BLACULA. The other lies with the success of Robert Quarry playing an exiled Bulgarian nobleman who is also a successful medium and invited to all the best LA parties. Soon, however, the good count has seduced a number of LA beauties and inducted them into his harem of undead wives. There is a reason the commies kicked him out of Bulgaria beyond being an aristocrat. Soon the jilted boyfriends assault the good count's mansion in the Hollywood hills. Robert Quarry makes a fine vampire and seems to adapt better to living in the "modern" era (1971 LA is pretty far removed from us) than Lee or Marshall's vampire lords. He appeared in this fil, its sequel, the second "Dr. Phibes" movie, and the Blacksplotation horror film SUGAR HILL before his career seemed to end.

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: Not the comedy that I had hoped for with Heder and Billy Bob going head to head. School for Scoundrels offers a few chuckles but nothing that will be quote worthy or even remembered after the films credits are running.

Private U (mx) wrote: Grei film om du ikke har noe annet gjre. Litt klisje.

Trent R (de) wrote: Franchot Tone blows, but Stroheim as Rommel is great! Cool opening scene that I won't spoil.

Aiu N (jp) wrote: I am not a fan of Emma Roberts but I thought she was essential for this film. I love it when movies do not feel like movies. This feels real. Now I wanna watch her other films.