Pastor Shepherd

Pastor Shepherd

The tale of a down-on-his-luck freeze-dried-pet-salesman and his journey to become the first-ever-cyber-evangelist.

The film tells a story about a salesman is interested in an End Times Revival Event with some traveling friends. He lives with his mother who is unable to pay the debt because of her serious mistake. So that they decide to attend a revival event with some friends which makes them change their fate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ky K (it) wrote: A sci-fi horror movie that manages a few scares that aren't enough to keep you interested.

Doctor S (nl) wrote: An endurance test, for both the main character and the audience. I didn't care for this film exercise without any real plot, hardly any dialogue, and often glacial pacing. Vincent Gallo deserves recognition for putting himself through the wringer, but I watched this because of Emmanuelle Seigner's prominent placement in the credits, so imagine my disappointment when she doesn't show up until the thing is almost over - and she's a deaf/mute!

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Bon film de braquage avec un bon casting.

Becs D (fr) wrote: A scary look at a family who's controversial secret is beyond thinkable, luckily not very graphic in details, but horrifying all the same

Greg N (es) wrote: Any movie that ends with the main character getting royal trashed on cheap whiskey and dropping a ton of meth before getting in giant knife fight with a gang cause he's a cop out for revenge is gonna get a few stars for it's efforts. Roy Cheung should've been in the movie more. It has all the usual Hong Kong drama movie flaws too. Watch if you know what you're looking for not if you're interested in amazingly good movies.

Miranda Z (kr) wrote: Absolutely awful. Shot beautifully, but romanticised the hell out of rural / Georgic / "Native American" life. And I won't even begin on the convoluted, ridiculous, idiotic narrative because then I would never stop. Melodrama like no soap opera could achieve (okay, that's really not true) - though perhaps more emotional, if only because one doesn't have the same amount of time to get used to the absurdity. But I didn't fall asleep and the actors were decent, so hey, not a 1-star.

Adam D (it) wrote: Homeward Bound is the only movie that can make me cry. Plus, it features the greatest theme music of all time.

Sean S (es) wrote: Love the movie and especially the music

Private U (ag) wrote: this movie rocks Shirley Muldowney is and always will be my drag racing idol (first lady of drag racing) have to see it!

David S (jp) wrote: Old school is a stupid comedy that thrives on not taking itself seriously, and holds so much fun on, and guessingly off screen. Every comedic actor had amazing chemistry with each other, and all it seemed to do is magnify the comedic value and delivery of many of the scenes. Old School is an immature ball of fun and delight, leaving plenty of room to enjoy, and not enough for thinking, which in this case works. Alluding to the greatness of Animal House, Old School will always play to the funny bone with ease.

Tristan M (nl) wrote: I'm a lover for Liam Neeson movies, even if they aren't exactly all that good, I just like seeing him playing a badass role and looking cool, kinda like Jason Statham. Here he plays a unloved and run down dad, without a wife, and with a son who can't stand looking at him. He plays the role fairly well, nothing outstanding for him of course, but he's fun to watch nonetheless. I don't know the actor who plays his son, but he seems to be an up and coming tough guy who's in the odd action movie, like. And Ed Harris is another well known and good actor, who is a good choice for the role he plays here, and still does well as an actor, but is lacking in one-on-one badass action star like Liam is. Overall the movie is different than I expected, I knew it would be better than most movies like it, mostly due to actors involved over anything else, and exciting action. I was kinda surprised and maybe disappointed in that this Price character who's an hired killer takes the centre for the main bad guy who goes after our framed heroes, but he doesn't ruin anything as such. The action is good, the scene where Liam breaks into the bad guys bar and shoots up the place, eventually killing Eds character only half way through the movie, and is amusing to watch, although the muzzle flash from Liam's revolver close up looks terrible. The ending isn't all that special, the headshot on Price from Liam's lever action rifle brings and abrupt end to the chase, and then to my surprise, Liam dies from his wounds up against a tree. It's not really a happy ending in a sense, but is nice to have a change of pace from movies where they all live and kill that bad guys, and father and son are reunited. Although I hate to see Liam die, this fate may be the best for the film. Overall it's a good fun movie, there's plenty like it, and the only reason it stands out is due to that cast, everything else is unexceptional.

Raymond R (ag) wrote: Super campy beyond belief! Proof that Meryl Streep has great comedic timing :)