Patagonia narrates the journeys of two women - one looking for her past, the other for her future. The film inter-cuts between their stories, in which one of them travels south to north through the Welsh springtime and the other east to west through the Argentine autumn.

Patagonia is an adventure, drama film about directed by Marc Evans. The content revolves around a young Welsh couple travel to Argentina to work on their relationship. Meanwhile, an elderly Welsh-Argentine woman is planning a trip to Wales to discover the farm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hassiel M (au) wrote: Taking care of creating an amazing environment with the increasing perfection in the composition of the images, and the confidence of the actors, you can almost feel the truthfulness of their actions until you realize that all its strengths are lost to the lousy unstructured script and the over compensating dialogues. The repetitive reactions and the lack of depth given to the characters in no moment lets you know neither Josh Charles nor Anais Demoustier, and the intentions behind their actions stay forever in their minds; and it's such a shame because for a moment the beautiful metaphor it's almost worth it.

Niki G (gb) wrote: Some promising story lines, none of which were fulfilled. Disappointing despite the good acting by the cast. Poor script.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Comedies rarely stand the test of time - this one does... Hamlet against Hitler--No one else but Ernst Lubitsch could have made To Be or Not to Be. That it's superb and sublime and witty and ingeniously funny cannot be emphasized enough. The film has a great script, direction and cinematography... Lubitsch takes his revenge against Nazi Germany!!

Romina R (ru) wrote: Not as geniously funny as The Mening of life.

Justin A (jp) wrote: Interesting and creative Dracula/vampire story. It is a bit cheap and low budget, but there are some legitimately creepy scenes and moments that could surprise people with how shocking it can be (at least for the time). Marshall gives a good performance and keeps things interesting, but when he's not on film it becomes more difficult to watch. There is also a considerable amount of action that (for the most part) wasn't really seen in too many horror films before. Just a unique movie worth checking out for the curious.

Kevin H (kr) wrote: It seems like three shorts fused into a feature and never loses the feeling of being hopelessly strung together. Lloyd is likable, but unimpressive.