Nandagopal (Suresh Gopi), an associate editor with Keralareshmi, one of the leading dailies, is aggressive and daring and enjoys a good reputation among the media circle. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Nandan is the son of Venugopal, a daring journalist who was killed by textile mafia long back. Nandan, in Kochi meets Sekharan (Murali), an old naxalite who is running Jagratha, a newspaper which is feared by political class. Sekharan's outspoken and belligerent nature had earned him more enemies than friends. He is constantly fighting Vishwathan (N. F. Varghese), who rules Kochi with his muscle and money. Vishwanathan holds a large share in Keralareshmi and enjoys a huge political clout at state and central levels. Shekharan brings out the role of Vishwanathan in the murder of Vincent Paul, which creates a panic in the political level.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Nandagopal, a newly joined associate editor with Keralareshmi, one of the leading dailies, is aggressive and daring. His closeness to belligerent Sekharan, who runs Jagratha creates conflicts within Nandagopal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer T (mx) wrote: Fun to watch. I like Katie Holmes in this.

E M C (br) wrote: too similar to the previous one

Eifion D (au) wrote: Better late than never seeing this movie, and i'm so happy I did. While i'm not the buggest fan of OW's style, i found him to be very enjoyable here. I loved the premise and setting. This is now in my top 10 romantic Comedies

Greg R (gb) wrote: Maggie Smith is amazing...the rest not so much....beautiful scenery and classy production...hampered by a slow script that has some holes....still, Maggie delivers a wonderful performance

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Geoff J (es) wrote: The Good, the Bad, and the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Classical melodrama, grenade-throwing midgets, musical elements, over-the-top stylistic violence, mock technicolor, cowboys using rocket launchers, mock hand-tinting, and pretty much anything else good about art. It's pretty much what it's like in my brain, except this doesn't star Ernest Borgnine.

Brandon M (gb) wrote: very entertaining and fun to watch..especially for a first time viewer.

Bruce B (de) wrote: The original movie was imaginative and creative, but the sequel seems to fall into B-movie land without a look back. Worse, the legend of Pumpkinhead was rewritten, though it need not have been.This movie stays solidly in horror movie clich land from beginning to end. A group of teens torment a deformed little boy, eventually dropping the lad into a well. Years later another group of teens awaken the lad, only now he has turned into the evil Pumpkinhead. Murder and mayhem ensue.The two big problems with this movie are that the basic plot shows little imagination and the acting is awful. Other than that, the movie is pretty good. Of course, the acting and the plot are the majority of a movie, and the special effects are nothing to write home about. However, this movie is somewhat redeemed by a "boo" factor. Pumpkinhead appears (or throws bodies about) in a periodically scary way. Nothing like a monster jumping out from behind a building to give you a jump."Pumpkinhead 2" is not an awful movie. The movie does provide a few minor chills. However, the choice of the movie name is unfortunate. Other than the general appearance of the creature, reinventing the mythology is confusing for those of us that liked the first movie. Perhaps they should have called it "Pumpkinhead: Resurrection," and explained that Pumpkinhead creatures came from certain circumstances that are now repeating for the second time. Oh well. The movie is in the can and you have to either take it, warts and all, or pass it by. It's worth at least one watch if you are a die-hard horror movie fan. 2 Stars 2-4-14

MEC r (ca) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Alun W (fr) wrote: When a powerful American transport magnate is conned into using an unseaworthy rust-bucket captained by a drunken but wily old Scotsman to ship furniture to his dream home on a Scottish island there is only going to be one winner, and the script for this film must practically have written itself. But it is a beautifully made film - with fascinating location shots, and a wonderful cast. The screenplay is nicely balanced - as although Calvin B Marshall is destined to be taken down a peg or two he is a fundamentally decent chap, while Captain Mactaggart is an out and out rascal who stops off at every inn en route (and off route). Though both lead actors turn in fine performance it is perhaps Tommy Kearins, playing the "wee boy", and the scene of a Gaelic 100th birthday party that really make the film something special. This deserves to be at least as well known as Alexander Mackendrick's three other Ealing comedies.

Philip V (nl) wrote: Not a bad story. I was hoping for a killer soundtrack, but there was only one 70's song and it was at the end. I think it is sad that the director did not take advantage of the awesome music from that decade. Perhaps it was not in the budget?

David L (nl) wrote: Well well well, an American comedy which was unusually appealing to me. As daft as it was, there's something about Jim Carrey that is so ridiculously stupid, that you just end up hooked to his performances. Whether it be Me, Myself and Irene, Ace Venture, or Dumb and Dumber, his roles are vastly alike, but why change a winning formula? Sometimes there's a large immature child bursting to get out of everyone and this helps release that inner demon. Sentenced to telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth for a day, Carrey's character struggles to perform his job in court given he constantly relies upon his lies to get the suspects off. With a promotion at stake, he battles against all odds to defend his blatantly guilty client, not realising his only son and ex wife are rapidly drifting further and further away, culminating in their planned move to another state. Despite the hidden depths to the importance of these family ties, the humour is present throughout and provides a constant stream of credible family entertainment. It does make JC look very one dimensional in his acting style, but that's only a problem if you don't appreciate the humour. I've always been a sucker for this since a young age, as it retains the big kid in me by watching this genre of movie. Nothing really to dislike about this, unless you're a toffee nosed pompous do-gooder that can't appreciate anything outside of period dramas.

Simon P (nl) wrote: Like a (re)mix of Scum and Ill Manors with a full on vengeful beat. Hasn't got the class of either, though it does stand its ground well with other genre pieces due to some good performances and quality portrayals of violence. Joe Cole and English Frank are top, like to see more of them.