19-year-old freeter (a Japanese expression for people between the ages of 15 and 34 who lack full time employment or are unemployed, excluding housewives and students.) Tsuyoshi Osanai enters a school for guide dog trainers. After 2 years of training, Tsuyoshi becomes an assistant trainer. His first dog to train is Chie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pâtonâzu torrent reviews

Luke N (au) wrote: It was funny(ish) and interesting at first but about halfway through it got just plain awful

Genevive C (kr) wrote: Sans queue ni tte.

Stephen Z (br) wrote: Because of their success, it is inevitable that every film that is an adaption of a young adults fantasy novel will be compared to the Harry Potter films. "I Am Number Four" is no exception.One of the best things about the Harry Potter films (at least the early ones) was that they didn't take themselves too seriously. They knew their source material. They knew they were based on fantasy novels, and they embraced that and had fun with it. "I Am Number Four" fails to do this. Despite its absurd premise, "I Am Number Four" insists on taking itself too seriously, and as a result, is not as fun as it has the potential to be.Don't get me wrong; there is a lot of potential here. But with a plot filled with bad, clichd teenage drama, "I Am Number Four" is geared more towards young adults, unlike Harry Potter, which appealed to audiences of all ages. Instead, this is more like "Twilight" for guys, and so the range of its appeal is limited. Nevertheless, with some improvements to the acting and screenwriting, this is a series I could possibly get behind, and I wouldn't mind if they make a sequel.

Jacques P (jp) wrote: I would have given it at least a 4 1/2 if the soundtrack weren't so idiotic and tonally awkward. Besides that, I would strongly recommend We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Joey F (ca) wrote: Hey look! An actually really good romantic comedy! Those are pretty rare. Anyway, I really enjoyed this film. It's incredibly weird and over the top with it's quirkiness, but yet still manages to be believable and make a point. It's so clever and so original with it's style that you can't help but smile the whole time.

Barry T (de) wrote: The underrated Woody is great in this and its nice to see Lily, Lauren & Kristen! Good film

Jacob M (mx) wrote: This movie is the one that launched Meryl Streep into the Hollywood elite and showed the world just how talented she really is. Streep plays Miranda Priestly to perfection and Anne Hathaway isn't a slouch either in the role of Andy Sachs. The two have such great chemistry together and Andy's arch throughout the whole movie from rejecting everything Runway stands for to becoming completely absorbed in it to the realization that it would eventually cost her everything she valued is thoroughly satisfying. This film is almost on constant repeat on television and that's because this is one of those films which is a touchstone for the actors involved and will always be seen as one of the highs of their careers.

Arman M (br) wrote: Every now and then an Iranian film comes around that is moving, conveys a message like no other. Director, Mehrjui does a great job creating an atmosphere where one truly feels society??s issues in regards to drug addiction. There has been a stereotype for some time now that young Iranians in the music industry are prone to becoming submerged in a world of drugs, alcohol and womanizing habits. Although this is a false stereotype, Mehrjui does a great job telling a story of Ali Santoori, a man, whose traditional family turns his back on him and tells him to choose between his ??santoor?? instrument and his family. Ali of course, chooses, his instrument, and successfully becomes Iran??s top pop performer. Meanwhile, he also meets and marries a wonderful young woman, Hanieh (Farahani), and his life seems to be on a great track. But as the story goes, Ali, becomes depressed and gets more and more addicted to drugs due to the government cracking down on his music.Both Bahram Radan (Ali Santoori character) and Golshifteh Farahani give magnificent performances. Mehrjui style of telling the story is first-rate, using great shots, flashbacks, and flawless incorporation of music. The music cooperation between composer Ardavan Kamkar, a traditional santoor player, and composer, and MOhsen Chavoshi, top pop singer, is innovative, new and very well suited. Overall, this film achieves on every level, as it carries the audience through every range of emotion its characters feel, something Iranian films rarely do. Quite possibly the best Iranian film I have ever seen. 10/10

Leigh R (us) wrote: Saw the ending come from a mile away. Zooey was the only highlight of this movie.

Simon P (br) wrote: Catherine Breillat knows how to get her message across. Seriously knows.

Jason H (kr) wrote: Such a claustrophobic story. Brilliant, kept my attention with little to no action. "Sisyphean" was what one friend remarked - how apt I thought at the end. Sartre would be proud.

Aaron M (de) wrote: Black Christmas had so much potential, but all of that was lost. The acting was shit, the plot was an utter mess, and totally fucks up what made the original so great. I'm glad we had more of a back story to Billy, but it actually ruined it. Two killers weren't needed and giving him yellow skin was just stupid. Black Christmas sort of had a good idea, but most likely Hollywood just took a shit on it. But somehow there's some guilty pleasure I have with it. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy.

James S (au) wrote: Great movie not quite as good as the first but not far behind. Very funny

Leonard D (ru) wrote: This is a messed up situation which our brave men went through back in that time!

Jenn T (au) wrote: Not as bad as I though it would be, the CG was pretty painful though.

Private U (fr) wrote: Old school classic, damn difficult to find the original tho. So if anybody has one or knows of an original dvd...PLZ let me know

Justin B (es) wrote: Dwayne's charming and the kids are fine but the film is tacky, dull and underproduced; bombarding the audience with an onslaught of corny dialogue and drab special effects.