Patriot Games

Patriot Games

When CIA Analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an IRA assassination, a renegade faction targets Jack and his family as revenge.

The movie follows former CIA agent Jack Ryan as he kills one of the assailants while on a vacation with his family, a renegade faction targets him and his beloved people for revenge. To protect his family Dr. Ryan must return to the CIA and hunt down the terrorists before they strike again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amber J (nl) wrote: Interesting. I didn't know this existed but now I do. Just interesting.

Jason K (fr) wrote: kinda scattered and not really sure i learned a whole lot that i didnt already know/live through but was a descent attempt to walk through the steps at least.

Kris V (ag) wrote: Hilarious and surreal road movie with a brilliant Vincent Cassel going on a brutal rampage through bleak Northern French industrial landscapes. Not a really great movie, but great and unconventional fun.

Mark A (kr) wrote: I really struggled with this one. As my wife said, you feel like you are missing some vital piece of information all through this up until the end, and that was true for me as well. The performance by Martin Landau is nothing short of amazing. He absolutely nailed the confusion and isolation brought on by aging. But there were too many logical gaps in the story to make this a truly memorable film. Certainly not a waste of time, if you can stick with it. Ellen Burstyn is marvelous as well, but this really is Martin's film. I wanted to like this more, but to explain my reasons for only giving it three stars would mean having to give away too much of the plot. Suffice it to say a little more back story would have helped immensely.

Scott D (mx) wrote: Decent and not to over the top.

Denise A (nl) wrote: This is such a sad movie. It's really really good.

Buggy B (ru) wrote: a mild mannered accountant is thrown into a nightmare by forces beyond his control when he is randomly chosen by a mysterious duo who make a harrowing demand; either assassinate the governor of California or they will kill his 10yr old daughter

W W (ru) wrote: Underrated Robert Aldrich WWII follow up to The Dirty Dozen.

Allan C (br) wrote: Joan Crawford suffers some more as a carnival dancer who falls for a small-town deputy who is being groomed for a state senator position. Local political boss Sydney Greenstreet wants his candidate marrying a respectable girl from Flamingo Road, which working class Joan certainly is not. This was Joan's follow-up to her classic role as Mildred Pierce, which brought back much of that film's team, inclining it's star, director Michael Curtiz and composted Franz Waxman. It's all a pretty contrite melodrama, but it's also pretty compelling and fun to watch. Why is it so fun to watch poor Joan suffer over and over again?