Patthar Ke Sanam

Patthar Ke Sanam

Beautiful Meena lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widowed dad, Thakur, in a small town in India. When her dad hires a new Manager, Rajesh, she and her friend, Taruna, decide to tease him and make him believe that both are in love with him. He finds out and pretends that he has fallen in love with both. As a result both women end up falling in love with him with the Thakur ready to permit Meena to wed with him. Acrimony sets in between Meena and Taruna when Meena makes it clear that she wants Rajesh for herself as well as reminds her that her marriage has been finalized with their Contractor, Lala Bhagatram, when Taruna was a child. Then Rajesh is assaulted by some men and his mother, Shanti, attends to look after him. It is her presence that will not only unleash a dark secret from their past, which included a murder, but also lead to another homicide.

Beautiful Meena lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widowed dad, Thakur, in a small town in India. When her dad hires a new Manager, Rajesh, she and her friend, Taruna, decide to tease... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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