Paul Is Dead

Paul Is Dead

A youth discovers Paul McCartney died and the public had never been informed of this fact.

A pupil finds out that Paul McCartney died early and the public had not been informed at all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter L (it) wrote: Very very funny. Only's all too short.

Janet F (ag) wrote: A lot of horrifying information about modern food production, its aggressive embrace of GMOs and the terrifying result. Very dryly presented.

Stefan L (au) wrote: sweet italian movie...nice flick but I liked l'ultimo bacio better...

Liberty R (mx) wrote: the best ending ever :) love the concept of breaking inti houses just to rearange the furniture and scare the owners :)

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Spenser S (fr) wrote: Totally good movie. Romantic and action filled! Really neatly filmed for a Classic! Definitely could beat out Pirates of the Caribbean! Loved this movie!

Mischa v (ca) wrote: O.S.T.(french) only! One could say the movie was filmed in 17th Century.

Timothy J (au) wrote: What sets this film apart is the casting of Humphrey Bogart and Randolph Scott in supporting roles along side Errol Flynn.

Aaron C (br) wrote: Not a film for the far right wing nut jobs, radical nationalists, or the insecure anti-feminist males out there, but for everyone else this should be an entertaining and poignant learning experience of what is happening in the world outside of our domestic bubbles.