Paul Mooney: A Piece of My Mind - Godbless America

Paul Mooney: A Piece of My Mind - Godbless America

Stand-up comedy concert film about modern America by comedian Paul Mooney.

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Matthew W (us) wrote: A witty, charming little English film with a brilliant cast headed by Michael Palin with Maggie Smith and Denholm Elliot. Yet despite this, it never seems to get out of second gear, which is a shame. The conclusion is rather predictable, yet oddly less satisfying than it should be.

Clayton F (ca) wrote: A fast moving this movie. I would not say it was a great movie, but it never let up. alot of plot holes, which with the 90 min run time you would expect but not want. Basic premise. Teenage Red Headed twins battle "forces"' from beneath (under) Auckland's volcanoes (mountain) cleaver title huh? not sure if this is really a kids moive, but what do I know about kids. can two rocks and twins save the world. well since they are the stars of the movie, i will leave that answer up to you to figure out. so if you are bored check it out.

Private U (gb) wrote: I could never think that a moral story could be humorous too. The movie is full of comedy from beginning to end, although giving lessons at every second. Music is fine. I can watch it again & again. It has recalled GANDHI JI back.

Yinal R (es) wrote: Very cool movie, made me laugh alot!

Julien E (gb) wrote: Vraiment, mais vraiment mauvais. Je ne peux pas croire que j'aille regard a jusqu' la fin!

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Colton C (kr) wrote: Just wait for the end.

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Paul Mooney: A Piece of My Mind - Godbless America torrent

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