Paul's Case

Paul's Case

Lost in a world of fantasy, young working-class Paul dreams of escaping his dreary existence in turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh. As fate would have it Paul gets his chance by stealing some ...

Lost in a world of fantasy, young working-class Paul dreams of escaping his dreary existence in turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh. As fate would have it Paul gets his chance by stealing some ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (kr) wrote: Tough guy actor Lawrence Tierney, who was arrested more times that John Dillinger, the real life criminal he was portraying here, does a bang up job as a mean and violent Dillinger. Written by Philip Yordan, it's a smart, tight little script for a low budget production, which isn't too conceded with telling the true story of Dillinger, but more tells an entertaining yarn with a few correct facts here and there. This is a must see for Tierney fans, even if it isn't exactly a gangster film classic.

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Joel A (ca) wrote: A wildly fun early 'Bad' film from B Grade Maverick Roger Corman. The concept is so out of this world it works.A group of scientists go to a remote island that has an unusually high radiation levels & supposedly a large creature is a resident there.That creature is a massive crab (wonderfully disastrous model) that reeks havoc on the scientists. Completely silly but it's funny & enjoyable as a B Grade treasure.

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