Pauper Princess

Pauper Princess


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1928
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Pauper Princess torrent reviews

Dane P (ru) wrote: Excellent low budget thriller with a incredibly unique filming style. Strong performances and top notch pacing. A exciting film with sadly an abrupt ending but the stuff shown is so damn good. I will follow this directors work and hope he can expand on some great talent.

Kheng H (au) wrote: Wong Jing with kung-fu. This is the best description of this comedy kung fu movie that is funny and entertaining enough for a decent watch. It does have the trademark of Wong Jing style all over it but then again, it has its kung fu moments too. Personally I feel the mou liew tau? level has been tone down a bit this time but some of you might disagree with me. Overall, if you are a fan of Wong Jin(TM)s comedies, you should defiantly watch this movie but if you(TM)re not also, you might want to have a go with it and maybe it will surprise you.

Chris H (us) wrote: Really cool short film. Really looking forward to the 2009 version.

Mike A (de) wrote: This is the most ridiculous thing ever produced.

Marvin T (br) wrote: A great true crime film. This movie is just awesome. The Hulk(Ruffalo) & Iron Man(Downey Jr) couldn't stop the great supervillain known as The Zodiac who's even more awesome than Loki in my opinion. This movie really got me into the true case about the Zodiac. This is one of my all time favorite movies.


Jason H (mx) wrote: Amanda Peet's performance is a bright bulb on the dim marquee that is Whipped. Her performance mind you, not her character, in fact none of the characters are likeable really. It is a movie about adults but seems to be written by a teenager. The jokes are unfunny and the wrong kind of vulgar. Just mean spirited and unfunny...pointless film.

Cecily B (us) wrote: loved this movie. my gf showed it to me, it was one of her favorite movies in her teens. I thought it was great and one I will remember. awesome!

Lea W (au) wrote: It is a refreshing movie nice to see if you are looking for something to watch not to violent and a story that moves a long nicely this would be a choice. It wouldn't be a favourite but it is definitely a classic.

Linda F (kr) wrote: Just a quote, about the pot'a'potty on the porch loved it so.........."Sleeping in the living room and S _ _ ting on the porch" and "the pot'a'potty sets off the freezers on the front porch" so funny loved the movie..........sad too but loved it anyway.