A young man's relationship with his career, fiancee and brother is brought under stress by the birth of an unexpected sister.The film deals with the relationship between siblings Unnikrishnan (Mohanlal) and Meenakshi (Vinduja Menon) who have an almost 30 year age difference between them. The film won Mohanlal the 1994 Filmfare Award for Best Actor.

A young man's relationship with his career, fiancee and brother is brought under stress by the birth of an unexpected sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike C (jp) wrote: I liked it. I was pleasantly surprised by Adventureland and Zombieland. Why not try Skateland? It's missing Jessie Eisenberg, who was in both of the other "lands," and I'm not sure if that's why it's a distant third or not. More than likely, it just wasn't as good a movie. It's a 4.9 on imdb, which is really low, but I enjoyed it enough.Some are comparing it to Adventureland. I can see that. It's similar in its earthtone, 80s quality and mood, but Adventureland is just a pretty good movie. A more common comparison is to Dazed and Confused. Other than using lame music from a particular era, I'm not so sure about this one. Except the guy that is an obvious Wooderson knockoff. I kept waiting for him to deliver a line similar to, "It'd be cooler if you did," or "High school girls: I get older they stay the same age." He did everything else from the hair to the attitude. He was redeemed a little bit when he jumped into the fight near the end.There is just not a lot going on here. I like slow stuff so liked it enough, but it could be considered boring. Fernandez is not that impressive as the lead male. Greene is pretty adorable so is impressive in that sense. Not sure if that is acting or not. So, all in all, I would probably recommend it if you liked Adventureland as that actually is about as close a comparison as I can draw. Just be aware that Adventure is a better land than skate. Though damn, I sure would love to go skating and/or visit a music store.

Sarah F (br) wrote: I work in a place that's aimed at young girls. The girls ages 4 or 5 to 7 absolutely LOVE the Barbie films, especially of this recently released DVD. Admitting of being such a sap for these films, I finally got around to watching it (even if I wasn't into it, I'd watch it for my customers).

Charlotte M (it) wrote: This was all kinds of bad. This was an aweful attempt at an "Indie" movie.

Ioan S (fr) wrote: Very stressful but great all around!

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Annoying at its finest, it's hard to believe a movie such as The Smurfs could even trigger a single laugh with the horrible story it has

Matt M (br) wrote: Internationally acclaimed Colombian film about a pregnant seventeen year old girl who all of a sudden becomes a mule smuggling drugs to the US by ingesting pebbles of heroin. Dealing with a real social issue experienced by thousands of real-life Colombians, this film is absorbing and suspenseful, with good use of character, tension and atmosphere. Maria Full of Grace also features a powerful performance by Catalina Sandino Moreno in the lead.

Carolyn Carrie S (gb) wrote: I ADORED this movie. I loved the Lobster part! This was SOOO good. I love Elisabeth Shue!

asef a (fr) wrote: a simple movie take me back to skool life

Anna N (jp) wrote: Somewhat amusing action movie.

Johnny B (ca) wrote: I liked the book better.

Doris G (es) wrote: Inspirational true story movie...

Gary P (mx) wrote: Any movie about Rowdy Roddy Piper trying to repopulate the world has got to be good.

Matt M (es) wrote: A successful but frustrated Hollywood comedy director during the Great Depression, decides to set off across America dressed as a hobo and with only ten cents in his pockets to research the hard life of the poor for his next feature which is to be a heavy themed drama. One of the best Preston Sturges comedies and one of the most influential cinematic comedies off all time. Its brash contrast between the dream like reality of Hollywood and the harsh reality of the streets is striking and is tastefully conveyed by the witty and intelligent script, but the film works even better when taken as a tribute to the concept of comedy features as a way of indispensable escapism. Charming, delightful and a times grippingly suspenseful, it's easy to see why this film has so many strong supporters.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: For me, this movie had a few issues. I think the acting was really bad in some parts. It seemed as if there were a lot of edits done for the daughter's scenes because of her acting level. Which is completely understandable, but some parts were definitely cringe-worthy. And JB Smoove was just bad. Lastly, any portrayal of romantic relationships was pretty bad, outside of one moment that we'll come back to...That being said, I thought this movie was really FUN. The daughter was adorable, and the son was fair and really looked like Damon in some shots. There were also some pretty humorous and cute moments that drew me back in. And about the point I'd get back to... If you find yourself asking the question "Why would I watch this movie?" I'd have to say "Why not?"Great callback for a really awesome ending.

Marco A (mx) wrote: Slow movie, and bad explained the struggle of living with the shadow of insecurity. Nevertheless i like the ending