Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop

Rey (Garrett Morris) has made it a point to clip his only son's wings whenever he tries to venture off and be his own man. As a result, Mike (Foolish) is stuck working for penny pinching Rey and the oddball Tony (Cool Aide) at the Pawn Shop. The days are never dull as the trio are constantly at each other's throats. When jewelry is stole from Pierre (Joe Torry), the most feared person in the city, danger starts to lurk around Mike and the Pawn Shop. Mike learns that everything comes at a price, including doing the right thing.

Life is never dull at the hippest pawn shop in the city, but when jewelry is stolen, the all-star pawn crew engage in outrageous bust-a-gut fun to save the store and the hood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lian C (ca) wrote: For a mainstream Pinoy rom-com-drama, this one's quite good.

Mayooran N (gb) wrote: 3 stars if you look at it as a remake of 3 idiots..

Scott C (fr) wrote: It means well, but it's an extremely depressing vision of art in the 21st century.

James J (us) wrote: I went to see it because I wanted to support a black film since I didn't see the butler or the other one about that boy on the train. My opinion of the film is it has its moments of laughter but predictable and the star sounded like she had a cold. A barely a 3/5.update changed my mind it doesn't deserve a 3 could have done better.

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WS W (au) wrote: Seems I had watched it somewhere before. Funny.

Jacky L (gb) wrote: hey hey, a lil twist at the end, turning this into a nice lil love story.

Rui P (it) wrote: Better than the two Charlie Angels movies put together.

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Alex A (gb) wrote: If Boyz N the Hood was about hope being obtainable by youths born and raised in the ghetto, then Menace to Society is the far more violent equivalent, about the grim reality of ghetto youths who don't have that hope. There's no sugarcoating here.

Daniel F (ag) wrote: With outstanding performances all round and a gripping story, Runaway Train is an action packed thriller that still manages to discuss important themes of society.

Fawad N (ru) wrote: I have seen many better animations than this one. For me it was a disappointment.

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